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Solar Savers Adelaide - example of solar pv on roof of a heritage  house

Solar Savers Adelaide

Solar Savers Adelaide is a program of the City of Adelaide that provides up front funding for the purchase and installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems on eligible low-income and rental residential properties. Participating properties will have a ~2kW solar PV energy system installed on their property and Council will recover the costs from participating property owners through a separate rate charge.

There have been several barriers identified to the installation of solar PV systems. These include a lack of access to upfront capital to purchase and install solar PV systems; lack of clarity and trust in the solar market; as well as a split incentive between landlords and tenants. The Solar Savers Adelaide Program was designed in an attempt to overcome some of these barriers and to encourage the increased uptake of solar PV in residential properties within the City of Adelaide.

In April 2016, Council sought registrations of interest and feedback from residents and landlords for Solar Savers Adelaide. There was a significant community interest in the program, which was endorsed by Council in October 2016.

58 properties met the eligibility criteria for Stage 1 and of these, 40 properties signed Property Owner Agreements to take part in Stage 1.

On 25 July 2017 Council declared the separate rates for the 40 properties that signed Property Owner Agreements to take part in Stage 1 of Solar Savers Adelaide.

Installations on Stage 1 properties have now commenced.

Please visit Your Say Online to follow our progress to date and to read the Frequently Asked Questions.

I did not previously register interest in Solar Savers Adelaide. Can I still be involved?

If you did not initially register your interest to participate in Solar Savers Adelaide in April/May 2016, you will not be able to take part in Stage 1.

Stay up to date with the process and future stages by subscribing to project updates at Your Say Online or contacting the Sustainability Team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

You may be able to participate in:

  • Future stages of Solar Savers Adelaide, which are being developed by Council;
  • A community solar bullk buy scheme (later in 2017/18); or
  • The City of Adelaide Sustainability Incentive Scheme

What is the Community Solar Bulk Buy scheme?

Council has endorsed investigating a community solar bulk buy. This involves Council undertaking a bulk procurement process to allow those who are not eligible for Solar Savers Adelaide, or those who require larger systems, to purchase solar PV energy systems. 

Property owners will be required to pay for the solar systems upfront, as these bulk- buy scheme will not be administered through a separate rate mechanism. Council will provide further information on this scheme later in 2017/18.

Has this been done anywhere else?

Darebin City Council in Victoria trialled the Solar $aver scheme in 2014 for 290 pensioner homeowner households.  Systems of 1.5-2 kW were installed.  Households in this scheme are saving on average $400 per year on electricity bills, which means they are saving approximately $90 per year after repayments for the solar system to Council through the separate rates charge. 

The latest round of this initiative has resulted in 189 solar PV systems installed on rooftops of both pensioner homes and community buildings.  One of the adopters was a 102-year-old-man, who ‘understood that the benefits lasted way beyond his lifespan’. Watch a video about it here.


Sustainability Program
Phone: 8203 7203
Available: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Program Partners

Image of Cool or Cost Total Energy Solutions

Cool or Cosy ® Pty Ltd under Homeworks Electrical Services has been selected as the solar provider for the delivery of the Solar Savers Program. 

Cool or Cosy is a South Australian owned company, who has recently bought Tindo, a South Australian solar panel manufacturing company. 

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