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CitySwitch Case Studies

The following CitySwitch Award finalists demonstrate how sustainable office fit-outs and behaviours are improving our office buildings by delivering low energy, high performing work spaces. As leaders in productivity, staff wellbeing and business competitiveness, these organisations are playing an important role in positioning our city as one that is both prosperous and liveable.

If you are an office-based business looking to reduce carbon emissions and improve business performance through sustainability practices and technologies, visit our CitySwitch Green Office Program page for more information.

Main image above: Oxigen


Winner - New Signatory of the Year 2018

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Turner Real Estate

Finalist - New Signatory of the Year 2018

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Winner - Signatory of the Year (>2000sqm)

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Finalist - Signatory of the Year (<2000sqm)

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Highly Commended - Signatory of the Year (<2000sqm)

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dsquared Consulting

Winner - Signatory of the Year (<2000sqm)

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South Australian Chapter of the Property Council of Australia / Egans Furniture Removal

Finalist - Partnership of the Year

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Knight Frank / Tenants of Westpac House

Winner - Partnership of the Year

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Winners and case studies of the 2017 South Australian CitySwitch Awards 

Signatory of the Year 2017 (for a tenancy over 2000 square metres) - Commonwealth Bank of Australia 

Signatory of the Year 2017 (for a tenancy under 2000 square metres) - AMP Adelaide

Partnership of the Year 2017 - Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources AND Schiavello

New Signatory 2017 - The City of Unley

Winners and case studies of the 2016 South Australian CitySwitch Awards 

Signatory Signatory of the Year 2016 - Savills South Australia

Partnership of the Year 2016 - dsquared Consulting and WAX Design

New Signatory 2016 - WAX Design

Office Greening Case Study

BB Architects Director, David Brown has a passion for greenery and has transformed an otherwise sterile office into a jungle, with plants standing and hanging in every conceivable space. David has been collecting plants from a young age; with some of the office plants being over 20 years old. Read the full case study for tips on how to successfully create a green space in your office.

Checklist for Selecting New or Refurbished Office Space

The negotiating of a lease presents a key window of opportunity for businesses wanting to reduce greenhouse emissions and operating costs whilst occupying office spaces that offer enhanced performance outcomes. 

Savills Australia has collaborated with CitySwitch Green Office program to develop this guide for selecting new or refurbished office space.

Checklist for Selecting New or Refurbished Office Space

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Oxigen is a landscape architecture firm on Halifax Street. Oxigen’s Adelaide office visibly demonstrates sustainable behaviours and a sustainable design approach.

Features include:

  • smart building material choices
  • cross ventilation
  • natural lighting and LEDs
  • underfloor heating
  • enhancement of the existing streetscape, and
  • both rooftop and vertical gardens.

The result is:

  • lower maintenance
  • lower energy costs
  • a comfortable and engaging work environment
  • increased staff health, wellbeing and efficiency.

The space has become an incubator for sustainable design outcomes.

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Turner Real Estate’s extensive retrofit of an iconic architectural building on Greenhill Road has resulted in an amazing 75 per cent reduction in energy consumption.

Their indicative NABERS rating has improved from 1.5 to 5.5 stars (without Greenpower).

Improvements include:

  • LED lighting upgrade
  • HVAC adjustment
  • improved ceiling insulation
  • increased shading
  • installation of solar PV
  • upgrading of some IT appliances.

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Setting ambitious targets back in 2015 – the Commonwealth Bank is now realising the delivery of their 2020 Property Sustainability Strategy.

Their comprehensive energy and carbon reduction strategy is delivering impressive results.

To date - their strong commitment to reducing emissions has seen them achieve a national average of 2.3 tonnes of carbon per full time employee.

This is an over 50 per cent reduction in emissions from their 2009 baseline.

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Cundall has achieved a 5.5 star NABERS tenancy rating (without GreenPower) in a B Grade building.

The achievement is a testament to the focus that Cundall has placed on energy efficiency and occupant comfort in the retrofit of their office space.

Standout features include:

  • a circadian LED lighting solution with great controllability
  • this delivers an energy intensity of less than 3 watts/m2 and
  • continuous sensor monitoring of indoor environment quality.

Cundall’s retrofit has created a comfortable, healthy, adaptable and stimulating working environment.

Cundall’s office retrofit presents a clear business case for others to follow.

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Having already focused on energy efficiency and onsite renewable energy their office has achieved a 6 star NABERS energy rating with GreenPower, 5.5 stars without.

Their ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of their business has led to them becoming South Australia’s first carbon neutral certified small to medium sized business.

Dsquared’s journey to becoming carbon neutral has been documented in a detailed case study to assist others in following.

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At end of their lease, the Property Council of Australia’s South Australian office chose to relocate from a D grade building to an A grade building.

They partnered with Egans Furniture Removal to minimise waste generation during relocation.

Egans Furniture Removal handle 120,000 pieces of second hand furniture annually.

Any assets with no commercial resale value are broken down into their component materials to recover resources to be made into new products.

In addition to achieving 100 per cent diversion of office furniture from landfill – the move has resulted in improved working conditions and increased staff satisfaction.

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Knight Frank’s participation in the national NABERS Co-Assess pilot resulted in 17 out of 19 tenants in Westpac House now having an accredited NABERS energy rating for their tenancy.

The most successful building in the national pilot the tenants have also been provided with CitySwitch Beginner Guide packs to encourage sustainable office practices.

read more 8 CBRE

CBRE’s office fitout on Pirie Street is an excellent demonstration of the new norm for high performing, commercial office spaces.

Improvements include:

  • an agile, activity based, multi-purpose office space
  • a hot desk policy and personal lockers.
  • a virtually paperless office.

Energy consumption has been reduced through equipment and LED lighting upgrades.

The tenancy is currently rated at 4.7 star NABERS energy, with the retrofit not yet completed for a whole year.

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