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Topham Mall, Waymouth, Bentham and Pitt Street

Topham Mall, Bentham, Pitt and Waymouth Streets provide a key pedestrian link that connects people with destinations and attractions throughout the city including the Adelaide Railway Station, the Park Lands and Riverbank, Victoria Square, Hindley Street, Adelaide Oval and the Central Market.

Planning the place

The future of Topham Mall, Waymouth, Bentham and Pitt Street was designed through conversations and ideas from the community, businesses, property owners, residents, students and people who use the area. Council helped build new relationships, and tested and trialled ideas over eighteen months.  A number of proposals contributed to the end resultInvigorate Your Senses, a plan that tells the story of the area and the vision for the future.

View Invigorate Your Senses here

Topham Mall


The Topham Mall, Bentham, Pitt and Waymouth Streets link is, “an iconic walk of surprise and delight, brimming with places to linger from Adelaide Oval to the Adelaide Central Market”.

We hope, through community ownership, the district will become a ‘green hub’, providing affordable food options, with an emphasis on local produce. It will also host a diverse range of local events, be a ‘place of stories and fun’ and support both businesses and emerging artists.

Key Projects— The Story so far

There were a number of projects progressed throughout 2014-2015. These included major projects such as ’44 Waymouth Street’, a partnership with the building owner to trial new planter boxes and more seating to create a larger space, artwork makeovers in the Gypsy Dragon Laneway Bar and Topham Mall frontage and a partnership with Renew Adelaide to help five new retails open in Jun 2015.

What’s next?

To achieve the future aspirations for this area over the next few years, Council will help establish a network of businesses, property owners and community as well as utilise an allocated $200,000 by Council in 2015/16 to develop a Laneways Master Plan in collaboration with Renewal SA. This budget will facilitate, in stages, improvements from Central Market to North Terrace including Topham Mall.

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