North Adelaide parking changes

Map navigation tools appear at the bottom left of the Map Window. Each navigation button has a tooltip, place the cursor over each button to see the tooltip.

Navigating to a specific location

To find an address or place, use the search field and press enter or use the search button.

Explore the map

To zoom the map in or out use either the + / - buttons or the mouse wheel. To navigate around the map, click and drag using the mouse.

To reset the map

Click the home button the restore the map to the original zoom extent.

Map Legend

Click the 'Legend' button to launch and collapse the North Adelaide Parking Zone Legend which details the unique colour assigned to each zone type.

Changing the Map Type

Click on the 'Basemap Gallery' button to switch between satellite and map views.

Exploring Specific Zones

Using the cursor, an individual zone can be selected, with a pop-up window detailing the parking restrictions applicable to that zone. While most zones have a single restriction (ie. 3hour Parking Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm), some may have secondary restrictions (ie. Residential At All Other Times).

Area Parking - Where time limited parking restrictions apply by signage placed at the entries and exits of a street rather than by signposting individual lengths of the street.

Bus - A Bus Zone – for use by public buses only.

Disabled - Designated permit parking spaces for use by Disability Permit Holders only.

Loading - A zone designated to vehicles dropping off or picking up goods or passengers.

Mail Van - A zone for Australia Post vehicles.

Motorcycle - Allocated parking spaces for motorcycles/scooters only.

No Parking - Vehicles cannot park here, apart from exempted business vehicles (taxis, couriers, delivery and service vehicles) where a maximum of 30 minutes is allowed.

Parking - Time-limited parking spaces that have signs nearby indicating how long you can park in the space for.

Permit - A space for vehicles correctly displaying a valid permit issued or recognised by the Council for that zone.

Residential - Designated permit parking spaces for Residential Permit Holders (Category 1 and 2 only – Blue Permits).

Taxi - A zone for use by licenced taxis.

Ticket - Parking permitted by purchase of a ticket from a ticket machine.

Unrestricted - Unsigned parking spaces with no timed parking restriction.

Visitor Parking Permits

As a resident, you also have the option to purchase a book of visitor parking vouchers for your guests.