Organic waste

The 2021 recycling and waste calendars are available. You can check the calendar to see your bin day or view our online bin day checker.

Many people believe that their green-lidded kerbside collection bin is only for garden waste such as lawn clippings, leaves and plant prunings. That’s just the start!

Throw it in

Your green-lidded bin can be used for all manner of organic waste including:

  • food scraps and kitchen caddy contents
  • cut and dried flowers
  • lawn clippings
  • weeds and unwanted plants (remove excess soil)
  • plant prunings
  • tree twigs and branches (must be no longer than 60cm and 15cm in diameter)
  • pet waste (no kitty litter)
  • shredded paper
  • paper towels and tissues
  • egg cartons
  • paper lunch bags and paper muffin pans
  • human and pet hair
  • cold charcoal and ash.

Leave it out

Please remember that the following can’t go in your organics bin. They cause contamination which results in the entire truck load being diverted to general waste.

  • plastics of any sort including seedling and plant pots
  • stones, rocks, rubble or bricks
  • treated or painted timber
  • soil or sand.

If you are yet to get a green-lidded kerbside organics bin, request a free one be delivered to you through our online system or call us on 1800 777 844.

Not sure if an item should go in the organics green bin? Just ask Adelaide our friendly Chatbot and she will tell you which bin to use or how to dispose of the item.

Kitchen caddys

Kitchen caddy

As part of our commitment to environmental  sustainability, City of Adelaide enables residents to recycle waste food using a small, bench-top, green lid organics bin.

Affectionately known as a kitchen caddy, the small containers and an on-going supply of compostable liner bags are available for City of Adelaide residents from Council’s Community centres, libraries or the Customer Centre at 25 Pirie Street. Proof of residency may be required. 

All food scraps, and some paper products may be placed in your kitchen caddy. This includes:

  • food scraps including meats, seafood and peels 
  • fruits and vegetables
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • eggs and oyster shells
  • cheese 
  • leftover take-away (remove from packaging first)

You can also toss in:

  • compostable coffee cups, plates 
  • bamboo or compostable cutlery wooden icy-pole sticks
  •  pencil shavings
  • nail clippings
  • hair (pet and human).

Kitchen caddy tips and hints

Food does not belong in the red lid waste bin or in the landfill, however some folk are reluctant to use a kitchen caddy as they believe they encourage rodents and create a stench. With a little care they can be a great addition to your kitchen and even make your red bin tidier, lighter and less full!

  • place the caddy on a piece of paper towel to catch any tea-bag drips, then add it to the bin when you empty it.
  • add paper towel, tissues or even old bread to help absorb moisture
  • freeze meat and seafood until green-bin kerbside collection day
  • empty the caddy more frequently in hot weather
  • take the whole caddy to the organics bin, rather than just the bag/liner
  • rinse the caddy between uses.

Recycling your organic waste is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and care for your environment. Organics collected fortnightly by the City of Adelaide waste collection reduces landfill and greenhouse gas, and is turned into mulch and compost, so the whole community benefits.

Did you know? A 2015 bin audit found 47 per cent of material in the waste bin were food scraps or uneaten food! This is valuable material that should be made into compost for our gardens and not placed in landfill where it can’t be recovered.