How do I recycle?

The 2021 recycling and waste calendars are available. You can check the calendar to see your bin day or view our online bin day checker.

A quick guide about what to put in your yellow lid recycling bin

Your yellow lid bin is for items that can be recycled. This bin is collected fortnightly. Recycling is a great way to help the environment and contribute to Adelaide’s goal of becoming a carbon neutral city

There’s often confusion about what can and can’t go into residential recycling, so we’ve put together this guide for you. The good news is items to be recycled don’t need to be sorted within the bin, they can all go in together!

Paper and cardboard

Please rinse food and beverage containers before placing in the bin.

  • newspaper, magazines and junk mail
  • egg cartons, food boxes and packaging
  • envelopes (plastic windows are ok)
  • empty pizza boxes (with food removed)
  • rinsed coffee paper cups (ensure no plastic lining)
  • milk, custard, juice, ice cream cartons.


Remember to check your glass drink bottles as you may be able to claim the 10c deposit on them!

  • empty beverage and medicine bottles
  • jars and condiment bottles
  • wine bottles

Plastic (rigid containers)

  • drink bottle containers
  • detergent, spray bottles
  • shampoo, conditioner and cosmetic bottles
  • yogurt and ice-cream containers
  • butter tubs
  • chocolate and biscuit trays
  • clean plant pots

Metal cans and tins

  • empty aerosol, food, drink, fish cans
  • pet food cans (rinse first)
  • biscuit tins

Do you have something not covered here or still not sure which bin an item should go in? Don't worry, you can ask Adelaide, our friendly Chatbot and she will tell you which bin to use or how to dispose of the item.