A global city, with local benefits

photo-icon Hayden Lihou

Adelaide’s reputation as an epicentre for commerce and innovation has cultivated a thriving local economy. South Australia’s expertise in market intelligence and its competitive business landscape has seen the growth of exciting sectors including technology, health, education, design, the arts, events, hospitality and the defence and space industries.

South Australia has seized opportunities to create a dynamic commercial landscape and is the only State in Australia to abolish commercial stamp duty. Adelaide has experienced an unprecedented level of domestic and international investment in recent years, with several public and private developments, the Ten Gigabit Adelaide Network and a range of government incentives attracting the attention of national and global companies. The establishment of city headquarters from companies including Boeing, The Australian Space Agency and Technicolor are creating exciting job opportunities and career avenues for the local workforce.

The promising economic outlook saw South Australia lead the nation with the highest property confidence throughout 2018, with no signs of subsiding. Adelaide enjoys the lowest residential property prices among Australian mainland capitals, while South Australia is the only State to record an increase in the expected rate of house price growth for 2019. Residents also enjoy strong consumer confidence, with South Australia leading the nation across several retail sectors in 2018 including clothing sales, restaurant sales and food retailing.

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