Hard waste collection for residents

Removal of unwanted household items that don’t fit into a waste bin.

Are you renovating, moving house or spring cleaning? A hard waste collection is a great way to dispose of those unwanted household items.

Unsure how to dispose of an item? Just ask Adelaide, our friendly Chatbot. Simply login to Facebook Messenger, select Waste, Which bin and ask away!

Collection limits and guidelines

As a resident of Adelaide city or North Adelaide, the number of hard waste collections you are entitled to depends on your residential site.

  • each household is able to book two (2) free collections per calendar year
  • for homes that require more than two collections, additional collections are available at a cost of $70 (including GST) per collection.


  • maximum total limit of two cubic metres (2m3) of hard waste - equivalent to a 6’ x 4’ trailer load, per household
  • items can be placed on the verge no earlier than 24 hours before your collection date and no later than 7am on the collection day
  • place your waste as close to the kerb as possible in a safe and secure manner, clear of the footpath or road e.g. lay taller items down, do not stack items too high

It is your responsibility to ensure that the waste is maintained safely until collection, even if it is disturbed by others.

  • can access up to 12 collections per site per calendar year.
  • additional (more than 12) collections are available at a cost of $70 (inc GST) per 2m3.


Bookings can be made by the individual resident or the Body Corporate or Building/Facilities Manager. This enables coordination between multiple residents/dwellings within one site be collected together on the same date which limits disruption for everyone.

Maximum total limit will depend on the number of dwellings on the site presenting hard waste, which can be confirmed at the time of booking.

  • the length of any item must not exceed 1.5 metres.
  • lay taller items down, do not stack items too high.
  • items must be able to be handled safely by two people - no greater than 50kg.
  • bags or boxes must be strong enough so that they do not break open when lifted.

Please note: the following actions may be investigated and found to be illegal dumping. Illegal dumping is an offence and expiation fees of up to $1000 apply.

  • placing items outside your property without a hard waste collection booking
  • placing items outside other properties or in any other public place
  • placing items out for collection more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled collection
  • failure to remove uncollected items from the verge as soon as practical after your scheduled collection.

What we collect

Only items shown below will be collected. Other items are determined to be unacceptable and it is the responsibility of the resident to remove such items.

Coa hard waste collection adelaide kerbside yes

What we don’t collect

Coa hard waste collection adelaide kerbside no

Booking a collection

Make a booking online or call Solo Resource Recovery on 8159 5001 (Monday to Friday 7am - 6pm.)

The expected waiting period is up to two weeks from the date of booking. During periods of high demand this period may be longer.

Prior to your collection date, you will receive an email or SMS from Solo Resource Recovery confirming your collection date and a reminder a few days beforehand. Information on Council’s hard waste collection guidelines will also be provided.

To cancel or change a booking

Contact Solo on 08 8159 5001 at least three days before your scheduled collection to prevent losing your collection allocation.

Where else can I dispose of unsuitable items?

If items are in reasonable condition, consider recycling, donating, selling or them giving away.

Organisations that welcome goods in reasonable condition include:

Salvos and St Vincent de Pauls. You can also check Zilch and Recycle Right.