Switch to paperless billing through electronic rates (eRates)

Receiving your City of Adelaide rates notices via email is a great way to go paperless, protect your privacy and help the environment. We’ll step you through the registration process and have answered common questions about the service below.

To register for eRates notices, you will need:

  • an account with City of Adelaide (MyAccount) and your user name and password
  • your most recent quarterly rates notice which shows your assessment number.

Don’t have an account? Easy fixed. Just go to MyAccount and click on ‘create account’. Follow the prompts and once created, you’ll receive a verification email in your inbox. Click on the link provided in that email to complete the process. That’s it!

Simply log in to your account MyAccount, click on eRates and click on Register for eRates to Add a rates assessment. Enter the Property Owner(s) Name and Assessment number including the digit (no spaces) then follow the prompts.

You’ll then receive a verification email in your inbox. Action this to complete your eRates registration and receive future rates notices via email.

Please note: the registration process will automatically close fourteen (14) days prior to the issue date of the rates notice(s).

Yes. It is important to keep your postal address and contact details up to date. If Council receives a ‘delivery failure’ notification from your email address, a paper rates notice will be sent to your most recent postal address. Overdue notices will be sent to your postal address.

You can request emailed notices on more than one property. Simply log in to MyAccount, then add each property individually using the property Owner(s) Name and Assessment number.

No. You can only register one email per username. You are responsible for advising any other person(s) who currently receives paper notices for your property that they will no longer receive paper notices as a result of your request.

We suggest on receipt of your eRates notice, you forward this to any additional recipients by an appropriate means.

At this time only one email address can be provided for the property. It is the responsibility of the owner(s) to manage the information from the assigned email address.

Alternatively, you can change the given address to theirs.

Yes. You can amend your email address by:

  • logging in to MyAccount with your existing email address
  • clicking on the icon located in the top right hand corner of the web page
  • select My Profile
  • select the Email tab and amend the email address.

Your rates notice is sent each quarter, a minimum of 30 days prior to the due date. Your quarterly rates are due for payment on September 30, December 1, March 1 and June 1 each year (payment is required on or before these due dates).

Yes. Please note: where payment is overdue and Overdue Notice will be posted to the most recently advised postal address.

Should Council receive an electronic ‘delivery failure’ notification from your email address, you will be deregistered from receiving eRates notices. A paper rate notice will be posted to the last advised postal address.

You can remove your preference to receive eRates. You’ll need to have your My Account username and password, and rates assessment number handy. Then simply:

  • log into MyAccount
  • click the Remove button to stop receiving eRates for the corresponding rates notice.

Paper rates notification will then be sent to your postal address so please check that it is correct before logging out. To update the postal address email [email protected]

Please check your junk and spam mail folder. If you eRates notice is there, please change your settings to accept the email in future.

Need more information?

If you have further questions about eRates or the registration process, please contact the Customer Centre:

08 8203 7203

Send an email