Five Years, Free Rates

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The City of Adelaide is making living in the city more affordable.

If you are purchasing an off-the-plan apartment within the city or North Adelaide, you may be eligible for the City of Adelaide’s 'Free Rates for Five Years' owner-occupier rebate.


To be eligible for the scheme, you'll need to:

  • Have signed a purchase contract between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2019 for a:
    1. new ‘off- the plan’ apartment; or
    2. newly redeveloped apartment adaptively re-used from existing C and D grade rated commercial building stock.
  • Occupy the property as your primary place of residence within six months of the contract settling. The offer is effective provided you continue to occupy the building.

Eligible owner-occupiers will then receive a rebate towards their general council rates for up to five years.

Frequently asked questions

The City of Adelaide will provide eligible owner-occupiers a rebate on their general council rates for a maximum period of five years (the NRM Levy is to be paid by owner-occupier).

You will be eligible for the rate rebate if you purchase a residential apartment within the City of Adelaide council area where:

  1. The purchase contract is signed between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2019 for either an ‘off-the-plan’ apartment or an ‘off-the-plan’ apartment which has been adaptively re-used from existing C and D grade rated commercial building stock; and
  2. The apartment will be occupied as the primary place of residence within six months of contract settlement.

The rate free period commences from the settlement date, for a period of five years, subject to the owner continuing to live in the property.

No. As the owner, you must complete the online application and declaration form, and provide a signed copy of the Purchase Contract Schedule. Once these are submitted, the City of Adelaide will post you written confirmation of eligibility and give further instructions.

No, the rebate will be applied at the same time the rates notice is prepared, reducing the general rates payable to nil.

Remember: you’ll still need to pay the NRM levy.

The rebate will reduce the general rates to nil after any eligible remissions have been applied.

If you cease to live at the property, the rebate eligibility ceases from the day you move out. You must be live in the property to be eligible for the rebate.

No. The rebate is only applicable while the owner owns and occupies the

premises. The rebate ceases if occupation ceases.

No. As the owner, you must confirm your intention to continue to occupy the property each year. A confirmation letter will be sent out by the City of Adelaide before the end of the financial year for the coming year and you must complete and return this declaration.

No. The rebate only applies to the first owner-occupier of an ‘off-the-plan’ apartment.

This rebate is stand alone and is not subject to qualifying for a state government concession.

No. The full amount of the general rates will be rebated for approved


Remember: you must still pay the NRM Levy.

If an international student is both the owner and the occupier, then they will be eligible. If the apartment is owned by parents or a third party, then no.

The apartment will be considered ‘off-the-plan’ up to the day the building reaches practical completion and the Practical Completion Certificate has been signed.

Apply now

If you've recently bought a property, complete the application form now. You'll need a copy of your signed Schedule from the Contract of Sale document to complete the application.

Apply for Five Years, Free Rates now

Once you have submitted the form, the City of Adelaide will provide you with written confirmation of your eligibility and further instructions via post.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, please contact Council's Residential Growth Advisor:

Nicole Rolfe

08 8203 7237

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