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North Adelaide Public Realm Charter

The public realm areas of the North Adelaide Historic (Conservation) Zone provides the spatial setting and physical context for heritage places, and includes elements such as street layout, kerb and water tables, footpaths, verges, street lighting, street name plates, street furniture, signage, objects of interest, street trees and public utilities. These elements play an important part in influencing the “look and feel” and “sense of place” of an area and in some instances these elements are of heritage value themselves.


Consequently, Council is committed to lead by example in managing change within the public realm of the Zone. While it is recognised that infrastructure requires repair or replacement over time, the retention and conservation of significant historic fabric within the Zone is a primary goal. Where this is not possible, the replacement of infrastructure should be carefully selected to complement the heritage values of the Zone.

During the preparation of this Policy and Operating Guidelines, Council sought to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to the protection of the heritage assets within the public realm of North Adelaide.

In the first half of 2006, extensive fieldwork was undertaken by Council staff, identifying all elements of the Public Realm. Every street in North Adelaide was walked and an Inventory Sheet was completed for each. The purpose of this fieldwork was to identify key elements of the public realm and to then assess each element in relation to the contribution it makes to the heritage value of North Adelaide. The fieldwork provided the basis for developing policies and operating guidelines for each urban element within each street, according to its contribution.

An image showing examples of the North Adelaide Public Realm Charter

Council have also undertaken a similar body of work for South Adelaide.

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