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Development Plan Amendments

Development plans explain how an area is expected to be developed and are used to assess development applications. There is a development plan specific to each Council area.

Either the Council or the Minister for Planning may initiate changes to a development plan, but the Minister is ultimately responsible for the content, structure and layout.

Development plan policies cover a range of social, environmental and economic matters.

For more information on development plans, refer to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure's Guide to Development Plans and Development Plan Amendments or visit for Development plans and their use.

Click here to view the official download page for the Adelaide (City) Development Plan.

Download: Map of Zones and Policy Areas (2MB)

Council and the Minister for Planning have been working on a program of Development Plan Amendments (DPAs) to improve city design, support residential development, support the health and education sectors and retain our heritage assets. 

On 29 May 2017, the Minister for Planning announced his approval of several DPAs, release of new Heritage Places (Institutions and Colleges) DPA (for consultation); and progress of other planning initiatives to plan for the future of Adelaide and South Australia. You can download a summary sheet here.

Specifically the Minister for Planning has made a decision on the following DPAs: 

This means that the Adelaide (City) Development Plan is updated with these amendments are effective from the 30 May 2017 and will be used to assess any development applications lodged from this date forward. 

There are some aspects of the final DPA's which Council has not supported the Minister for Planning’s decision. Council will be taking the opportunity to continue to present its views on these matters to the Environment Resources and Development Committee of Parliament.

Heritage Place (Institutions and Colleges) DPA – Interim Control out for consultation 

On 25 May 2018, Council received notification that the Minister for Planning has resolved to refuse the DPA. This means that the 9 nominated Local Heritages Places will not be listed. 

To obtain more about the above, refer to 


By Council

North Adelaide Large Colleges and Institutions Development Plan Amendment

Council has been working with stakeholders to review the planning policies in North Adelaide for 11 colleges and institutions. Council would to thank the large number of stakeholders who have been involved in the providing input in the Development Plan Amendment. 

On 30 May 2017, the Minister for Planning approved the amendment to the Adelaide (City) Development Plan. You can view the consolidated Development Plan here (North Adelaide Historic (Conservation) Zone and North Adelaide Policy Areas). The DPA approved by the Minister for Planning has been summarised here.

The policy can now be used to assess development applications. There are few matters that Council does not support and Council will pursue these amendments to be amended at the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of Parliament.

The policy amendment will enable the colleges to continue to support the health and education sectors. All of the sites involved in the DPA contribute by providing either residential, student accommodation, education services, hospital services and aged care. These services are important to providing a dynamic and resilient community. 

The amendment sets in place policy to balance the potential impacts to residential amenity.

All sites contain a high number of Heritage Places and these will be retained. All existing heritage places will retain their status i.e. Local Heritage Places or State Heritage Places.

A new policy area “Archer West Policy Area 15” has been created and will support the redevelopment of incompatible buildings on large sites.

Other than minor applications, the existing public notification rights have been retained for adjoining neighbours. This will allow neighbours to comment on future Development Applications.  


North Adelaide Former Channel 9 Site Development Plan Amendment

The DPA was approved by the Minister for Planning on 30 May 2017. This Adelaide (City) Development Plan can be viewed here (refer Tynte Street Policy Area 4). This consolidated Development Plan also incorporates the North Adelaide Large Institutions and Colleges DPA and the Capital City Policy Review (Design Quality) DPA, which were also gazetted on 30 May 2017. You can view a summary map here

The changes to the Channel 9 site will enable a vacant site to be provide an integrated development site which is designed sensitively to its surrounding residential locality. The DPA will support the redevelopment of disused commercial site in North Adelaide. This will assist to meet the City of Adelaide’s residential population targets. 

The DPA will enable a 6 storey residential building to be built in the centre of the site. Lower scale 1 to 2 storey buildings will be designed around the existing low scale historic streets.  

Council is pleased that the DPA lists the cottages on Tynte Street as a Local Heritage Place. 

136 McKinnon Parade has been removed from the Local Heritage Place register due to its structural state. 

Council thanks all who have been involved in this preparing this DPA. Your input has been valuable to ensure the planning policy settings respond well.

Residential and Main Street Development Plan Amendment

The formal consultation process for this Council DPA has closed. Following adoption by Council, the draft DPA was split into two parts by the Minister. Part 1, the main part of the DPA was authorised on 30 October 2014. The second part has not yet been authorised, and is awaiting a final decision by the Minister. 

Find out more here.

City Centre Heritage Development Plan Amendment

The DPA, affecting the Capital City Zone, was initiated to implement Local Heritage Place recommendations from a 2008-9 heritage survey. In early 2012, the Minister for Planning advised that the DPA would be split into two parts:

Part 1 was completed in March 2013 resulting in 37 new Local Heritage Places being designated and protected (from 77 granted ‘interim protection’ concurrent with consultation in 2012).
Part 2 with the remainder of the proposed Local Heritage Places was not released for consultation but placed ‘on hold’.

Time to complete the Part 2 DPA has been extended because of the implications of State Government planning reforms which are still unresolved. It is possible that new legislation addressing local heritage will be developed and resolved during 2016 but there are few details available at present.

Find out more here.


By Minister for Planning

Capital City Policy Review (Design Quality) Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

The Minister for Planning has initiated the Capital City Policy Review (Design Quality) Development Plan Amendment (DPA) and gazetted on 30 May 2017.

The DPA proposes the following changes to the Adelaide (City) Development Plan:

  • New policy to reinforce design quality for new development.
  • Additional requirements for ‘over-height’ developments including increased emphasis on high quality building design as well as sustainability.
  • Amending the policy related to podium design to allow for greater flexibility for building design to respond to the immediate context.
  • Amending Capital City Zone Desired Character Statement to include greater design statement and strengthening the Desired Character Statement along Rundle Street to provide greater guidance and protection to the established character.

In 2016, Council provided a written submission to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure which you can view here:

DOWNLOAD: City of Adelaide Submission – Capital City Policy Review (Design Quality) Development Plan Amendment (PDF) Listen

A number of changes were agreed to by the Minister for Planning. Council will continue to seek improvements to ensure the city meets its strategic targets. 

For more information please visit the SA Government website or contact the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure on: (08) 7109 7005. If you would like to talk to Council about this DPA, please call (08) 8203 7185 and ask to speak to a Policy Planner. 

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