Outdoor dining support for hospitality businesses

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Outdoor dining support for hospitality businesses

As part of Reignite Adelaide, the City of Adelaide is encouraging hospitality businesses to make the most of outdoor dining opportunities as the city navigates through COVID-19 restrictions.

Whether you already have an outdoor dining area or you’re looking to create one, we’re encouraging businesses to contact Council so we can support you to serve as many customers as possible while activating the city in a safe manner, until the end of October 2021.

What's On Offer?

While restrictions to capacities are in place, we’re encouraging businesses to make the most of the outdoors, including where possible extending onto parking bays.

If you currently hold an outdoor dining permit and want to look at ways to extend or expand your area, please get in touch with us.

If your business already uses the maximum amount of space available on the footpath, or the footpath is not wide enough to accommodate outdoor dining at all, we can explore the possibilities of safely & temporarily using a parking bay to offer outdoor dining for your patrons. From now until the end of October, Council will be supporting this through:

  • Quick approval process for temporarily expanding outdoor dining into adjacent underutilised footpath space or parking bays.
  • Providing and installing planter boxes at no cost to businesses, adding greenery to the street and creating additional dining capacity for businesses in temporary parklet-style set ups.

Council is waiving all permit fees for additional footpath space or parklets, meaning all you need to do is provide your own tables and chairs. The City of Adelaide’s furniture is limited. To ensure a safe environment for diners, businesses wishing to create additional space will need to submit a light-touch application to have safety and parking impacts assessed and to determine if a parklet is suitable, available here.

Looking to keep your diners warm during the cooler weather? Let us know what you’d like to implement, and we can work with you towards making it happen. We’re offering greater flexibility regarding temporary structures for shelter and warmth.

Click here to apply for outdoor dining support.

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding outdoor dining permits or the approval process, please contact us:

8203 7203

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