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North Adelaide Parking Changes

Changes to Parking Zones and Controls | Trial Residential Parking Permit  | Eligibility Criteria & Conditions | Supporting Documents | How to Apply

Changes to Parking Zones and Controls

Following consultation received through the North Adelaide Local Traffic Area and Parking Management Plan, we are implementing parking zone and control changes across North Adelaide to allow greater flexibility for residents, along with a residential parking permit trial.

With a view to reducing commuter parking, we will be installing time-limited parking controls in what are currently unpaid ten-hour parking (10P) bays and approximately half of the unrestricted parking areas across North Adelaide.

Ten-hour ticket parking bays such as those along Frome Road and War Memorial Drive will not be affected by these changes.

Each street has been individually assessed to ensure a practical balance between time-limited and unrestricted parking, and to address the overarching parking requirements of the community. Changes to parking controls will take effect from 1 July 2019.

Please refer to the map for areas in North Adelaide affected by the parking zone and control changes. Information on using the map can be found below. 

View North Adelaide Parking Changes Map.

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We value your feedback and encourage you to visit Your Say Adelaide to provide your thoughts. Feedback will be taken throughout the 12 months and reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Trial Residential Parking Permit 

The Trial Residential Parking Permit will be made available upon application to eligible North Adelaide residents, for a nominated vehicle registered to a property which has none or only one on-site parking space.

The trial permit will run concurrently with the existing Residential Parking Permit Scheme for a period of one year from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, and will allow residents to park in:

  • Timed zones of 1 hour or more within the trial area (example below)
  • Ticketed zones of 1 hour or more within the trial area

example of a parking sign where trial parking permits are allowed

Please note the vehicle must be moved at least once every 24 hours.

​Vehicles holding a Trial Residential Parking Permit will not be permitted to park in signed Residential Permit Zones (examples below).

example of parking sign where trial parking permit is not allowed

Please refer to the eligibility criteria and conditions below prior to applying for a permit.

To keep up to date with the permit trial, view a list of FAQs and provide your feedback please visit and register with Your Say Adelaide.

Eligibility Criteria & Conditions

To be eligible for a Trial Residential Parking Permit the applicant must:

  • Be a resident of North Adelaide
  • Comply with the Trial Residential Parking Permit criteria
  • Have none or only one on-site parking space at the property

The trial permit is in addition to any existing residential permit that the premises already has access to, and applies to a dwelling within a single building.

  • Where there are no on-site parking spaces designated to, or available on the property, then a Trial Residential Parking Permit may be issued for one vehicle.
  • Where there is one on-site parking space designated to, or available on the property, then a Trial Residential Parking Permit may be issued for one vehicle.
  • Where there are two or more on-site parking spaces designated to or available on the property, then no Trial Residential Parking Permits will be issued.

Please note that apartment buildings are not eligible for a Trial Residential Parking Permit.

Number of available on-site parking spaces Number of trial permits available
0 1
1 1
2+ 0
Multiple dwelling buildings* 0

*A multi-dwelling property or group of dwellings includes units and strata groups. If your property has a shared title it is typically classed as a multi dwelling. Please note that apartment buildings are not eligible for any type of residential parking permit.

The Trial Residential Parking Permit will be available for a period of 12 months from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, strictly limited to one permit for each address. There are 1,200 permits available in total.

Assessment of all applications is based solely on the eligibility of the property itself, irrespective of whether the applicant is a ratepayer or a tenant.

A permit fee of $100.00 plus an application fee of $32.00 will apply. 

For further information about Residential Parking please refer to the Residential Parking page. 

Supporting Documents

The following documents are required to be provided in support of your permit application:

  • If you are not the property owner, your tenancy/lease agreement
  • A copy of the current vehicle registration certificate
  • If the vehicle is not registered to you (such as a company vehicle), you must provide the current registration certificate and a letter from the registered owner/company which states that you have full use of the vehicle and it is required to be garaged at your home address.

How to Apply

Apply for a Trial Residential Parking Permit online below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of FAQs including project background, how parking changes have been assessed, and information on the trial permit, please click here.

How to use the map

Map Navigation tools appear at the bottom left of the Map Window. Each navigation button has a tooltip, place the curser over each button to see the tooltip.

Navigating to a specific location

To find an address or place, use the search field and press enter or use the search button.

Explore the map

To zoom the map in or out use either the + / - buttons or the mouse wheel. To navigate around the map, click and drag using the mouse.

To reset the map

Click the home button the restore the map to the original zoom extent.

Map Legend

Click the 'Legend' button to launch and collapse the North Adelaide Parking Zone Legend which details the unique colour assigned to each zone type.

Changing the Map Type

Click on the 'Basemap Gallery' button to switch between satellite and map views.

Exploring Specific Zones

Using the curser, an individual zone can be selected, with a pop-up window detailing the parking restrictions applicable to that zone. While most zones have a single restriction (ie. 3 hr Parking Monday to Friday 8 am - 6 pm), some may have secondary restrictions (ie. Residential At All Other Times).

Glossary of terms

Area ParkingWhere time limited parking restrictions apply by signage placed at the entries and exits of a street rather than by signposting individual lengths of the street.  

Bus - A Bus Zone – for use by public buses only. 

Disabled Designated permit parking spaces for use by Disability Permit Holders only.  

LoadingA zone designated to vehicles dropping off or picking up goods or passengers.   

Mail VanA zone for Australia Post vehicles. 

MotorcycleAllocated parking spaces for motorcycles/scooters only. 

No Parking Vehicles cannot park here, apart from exempted business vehicles (taxis, couriers, delivery and service vehicles) where a maximum of 30 minutes is allowed. 

ParkingTime-limited parking spaces that have signs nearby indicating how long you can park in the space for.  

Permit A space for vehicles correctly displaying a valid permit issued or recognised by the Council for that zone. 

ResidentialDesignated permit parking spaces for Residential Permit Holders (Category 1 and 2 only – Blue Permits).     

TaxiA zone for use by licenced taxis. 

TicketParking permitted by purchase of a ticket from a ticket machine. 

UnrestrictedUnsigned parking spaces with no timed parking restriction. 

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