06 Jun, 2014

Your city, your vote

Time is fast approaching for eligible voters to play a major role in the future of the City of Adelaide over the next four years.

City of Adelaide elections - to be held in November this year - are your opportunity to have a say in the sort of city you want to call home, socialise, study or do business in. We are calling on all eligible ratepayers, residents and businesses, to ensure they have their voice heard in 2014.

The City of Adelaide has five different elections: Lord Mayor, Area Councillor, North Ward, Central Ward and South Ward councillors. More simply, you have the opportunity to vote for an overall leader and someone to represent the specific area of the city that you live or do business in.

Your vote is incredibly valuable - every vote does count. City of Adelaidelors play a vital role in community leadership, and influence the decisions that we make about what happens today and into the future. Have your say on who the influencers and decision-makers of tomorrow will be.

If you receive a rates notice, or are on the State or Commonwealth roll, you will automatically receive a voting pack. If you are new to the city as a resident or business operator or property owner, then you may need to enrol.

For more information about whether you’re eligible to enrol, who can stand in a local government election and helpful tips on what it will take to participate, go to: cityofadelaide.com.au/elections