17 May, 2016

Town Hall Welcomes Chinese Students

More than 450 Chinese university students will visit Adelaide Town Hall today to learn about the great opportunities for them in South Australia.

The inaugural ‘Australia Ready Forum’ has been organised to help Chinese students achieve their goals for personal development and enrich their time spent here.

The event is organised by Chinese migrant and former student May Gu and sponsored by City of Adelaide, with support from other government agencies. Senator the Hon Penny Wong will be the opening speaker.

May said she was very proud to organise the event and hoped it would help students to hit the ground running during their stay here.

“When I was a student I felt I was not very well connected to the community like I was in China and, now I live and work here, I know it doesn’t have to be that way,” said May.

“I hope students could achieve as much as they can to pursue their dreams and enjoy their stay in Adelaide. If they can take one step out after this event, they are getting closer to their dreams.”

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said that City of Adelaide was pleased to support our growing Chinese student community in this way.

“Through events like this and through our support of organisations like Study Adelaide, we’re telling these students that you’re all very welcome in this city,” said Martin.

“City of Adelaide is determined to play its part to ensure these students make the most of their time here in Adelaide and, of course, we welcome students to stay here like May has chosen to!” Topics to be covered include:

  •  Ways to engage with local communities, achieve excellence in your career and enrich your life in South Australia
  •  Get ready to be employed through valuable volunteering activities and part-time jobs
  •  Preparations before submitting your job application in Australia
  •  Local employer’s expectation of hiring Chinese graduates
  •  Government support for start-up business
  •  Business activities and opportunities between South Australia and China
  •  First-hand Australia-China business cases

The event will be held in the Auditorium Room from 1:30 - 4:30pm today.

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Matthew Halliwell