18 Dec, 2014

Timed Dry Area Trial Approved For City Park Lands

City of Adelaide has been advised that a timed dry area across the Park Lands has been approved. The trial dry area, which will apply to all Park Lands between 8pm at night until 11am the next day, seven days a week, will start on Monday 22 December 2014 and will run for three months.

City Culture and Community Services General Manager Sandy Verschoor said that she was pleased with the outcome on behalf of city residents who have been putting up with disturbances for a long time.

“Initially we asked for a 24 hour dry zone in the South Park Lands and we know this is what residents want, but with consideration around displacement we amended our application for a timed 8pm-1pm dry area trial across the Park Lands.

“Even though the hours and the trial are shorter than what we had hoped for, it will still give us time to monitor and evaluate this approach to the ongoing issues in the Park Lands.

“This is a whole of government approach and a dry area is just one element of an overall management plan involving a number of strategies and a range of services to ensure we have safer and more responsible use of the Park.

“The situation in the southern Park Lands is a complex issue and we are keen to see residents get some peace, while at the same time maximising opportunities for vulnerable people to access services that can help them,” Sandy said.

Council applied to the State Government in July this year for a trial dry area in the Southern Park Lands to address issues predominantly in this area.

In October, on the advice from the Senior Officers Group, made up of representatives from Council, SAPOL, the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, SA Health and Consumer and Business Services, this application was amended to include all Park Lands between 8pm and 1pm to ensure consistency across all Park Lands and reduce the risk of displacement.

The dry area will apply in all Park Lands, excluding the Squares which already have 24 hour bans, and will run for three months. Alcohol consumption in the Park Lands will still be permitted between the hours of 11am and 8pm daily.

“The Senior Officers Group will monitor the trial and implement a range of strategies and actions to achieve the three trial objectives; a safer and peaceful environment for residents, access to social services for vulnerable people, and promoting safe and responsible use of the Park Lands for everyone without unduly restricting use of the Park Lands,” Sandy said.

The trial will come into place on the 22 December 2014. People wanting to hold functions involving alcoholic beverages between 8pm and 11am in the Park Lands may be eligible to apply for a liquor license. Please contact Consumer and Business Services on 131 882.

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Paula Stevens