08 Jun, 2016

The Queen's Birthday

In accordance with flag protocol, on the occasion of Her Majesty The Queen’s Birthday, the flying of the Australian National Flag is encouraged.

Flag marshals in all South Australian Government departments, authorities and related portfolio agencies are requested to fly or display the Australian National Flag on Monday, 13 June 2016, to celebrate The Queen’s Birthday. Other organisations are encouraged to follow this protocol.

The financial and staffing implications arising from flag marshal duties for The Queen’s Birthday holiday are the responsibility of each organisation.

Flags are to be raised in the morning and lowered before sunset. No flag should be flown overnight unless it is floodlit.

Should it be the practice to fly other flags at the flag station, please refer to the Order of Precedence for flying the Australian National Flag along with other flags, which can be found in the ‘Australian Flags’ booklet (http://www.itsanhonour.gov.au/symbols/docs/australian_flags_excerpt.pdf).

If you do not have an Australian flag, please fly the South Australian Flag.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please contact the Protocol Unit on 8429 5135 if you require further information.