02 Jun, 2015

Switched On Students Take Action To Solve Climate Change

One hundred students from schools around Adelaide City will converge on the Adelaide Town Hall tomorrow to participate in a one-day sustainability summit aimed at taking action on climate change.

Presented by City of Adelaide in partnership with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, the summit seeks to provide opportunities for young people to consider ways they can affect change within their own school and community, and how that might impact on the broader community

Lord Mayor Martin Haese, who hosted students from Adelaide schools during Youth Week, teaching and inspiring them on the ways of Council, sees young people as the key to affecting change.

“From my recent experience with young people during youth week, I am even more convinced than ever that they are the vehicle through which we can educate and affect change when it comes to sustainability,” said Martin.

“As the Capital City Council we are in a unique position to influence and educate and I am glad we are able to host this summit, particularly in light of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide announcement by the state government.”

The summit’s opening address which welcomes the students to the summit will explain the reasoning behind Carbon Neutral Adelaide and some of the ways it will position Adelaide as a climate leader into the future, will be delivered by Minister for Climate Change, Ian Hunter.

“Addressing climate change is one of our top priorities and educating and inspiring our future leaders is a great way to safeguard Adelaide’s future and ensure a sustainable way forward,” Mr Hunter said.

“These young people are really fortunate in that they’ll be exploring issues including climate justice and its effects; looking at ways they can influence climate action and developing student led campaigns, sustainability in schools and their local communities and the upcoming climate change negotiations in Paris where all the world’s nations will commit to a global climate commitment.

“I’m looking forward to meeting these climate change ambassadors of the future and listening to their ideas for a low carbon and sustainable future.”

Students will hear from inspiring speakers, learn more about climate change and meet other young people motivated to make changes and build skills so they can develop and run climate change and sustainability campaigns at a school and local community level.

The summit runs from 8.30am until 3pm tomorrow at the Adelaide Town Hall.

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Rebecca Draysey