04 Jul, 2019

Supporting Business Across the City of Adelaide

The City of Adelaide is demonstrating its support for hospitality businesses in the city by removing outdoor dining fees in the city and North Adelaide as part of its 2019-20 Integrated Business Plan.

Having come into effect on 1 July, business owners will now save between $100 and $8,000 in fees, depending on the size of the outdoor dining area.

“We’re keen to reduce the costs of doing business in Adelaide,” said Deputy Lord Mayor Houssam Abiad.

“An example of this is our commitment to remove all outdoor dining fees in the city and North Adelaide.

“Outdoor dining contributes to the city’s vitality and adds life to our streets while encouraging business and economic growth.

“With the mild climate that we enjoy in Adelaide, outdoor dining has become increasingly popular – around 550 outdoor dining permits were issued in the last financial year alone,”

“We have a terrific outdoor dining scene which is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people every year. Removing fees will see this grow and flourish even further.

“We want to send the message that the city and North Adelaide are open for business,” the Deputy Lord Mayor said.

Sally Neville, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Restaurant & Catering Industry Association, commended the decision of the City of Adelaide.

“The removal of outdoor dining fees is a very positive demonstration by Council that they value the contribution that outdoor dining brings to the city. “

Outdoor dining fosters community engagement and brings people together to enjoy the city and all it has to offer.”

Husam Al-Sweedy, owner of city businesses Levant Eatery and Cheeseburger welcomed Council’s announcement.

“Any initiative that removes costs is good news for our business as the savings can be used to pay staff and other bills,” said Husam.

“Our customers really enjoy eating outdoors and it’s good to know Council values outdoor dining and is supporting us by removing the fees involved.”

To find out more, please visit the Outdoor Dining webpage.

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