16 Mar, 2016

Statement regarding Adelaide 500 driver’s parking fine

In relation to the Advertiser article ‘You’re Nick-ed’ which reports that the Lord Mayor offered to waive Adelaide 500 driver Nick Percat’s parking fine, the Lord Mayor, as a sign of personal goodwill and as a show of support for the economic benefits that the Adelaide 500 brings to the city, has offered to pay the fine received by driver Nick Percat. The fine isn’t being waived – the Lord Mayor will pay it from his own pocket.

The Lord Mayor wants to do this in keeping with the welcoming and friendly spirit of the Adelaide festival season and to congratulate Nick on his racing success.

City of Adelaide’s guidelines around waiving parking fines aim to provide fair and equitable assessment for all disputes. If you feel you have been given an expiation in error, you can dispute the expiation by following the instructions on the expiation notice.