14 Jan, 2014


A special Council meeting was held yesterday evening to determine the removal or retention of a diseased Moreton Bay Fig Tree situated in Hindmarsh Square. The tree was originally scheduled for removal on Sunday 5 January 2014, however this was delayed after Councillor Hamilton called a Motion to rescind the decision by Council on 10 December 2013.

The Motion to Rescind was rejected at last night’s special council meeting seven votes to three, and the removal of the tree was carried out this morning.

The scheduled removal of the 120 -140 year old Moreton Bay Fig Tree (Ficus Macrophylla) from Hindmarsh Square was recommended based on expert independent arborist’s advice due to the probable failure of its trunk and the potential risk to pedestrians and traffic at a busy intersection.

Council takes the safety of people using the City very seriously and has a duty of care to take every possible step to minimise risk to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Risk assessment of the tree, particularly given its busy intersection location, compelled Council to take all possible precautions to ensure public safety.

Council acted on the basis of the expert advice of our independent arborist to plan the removal of this significant tree once approval for its removal was reconfirmed at last night’s special meeting.

Now that the tree has been removed Council’s City Design team will evaluate the site and recommend a course of action to remediate the area including assessing what and how it should be replanted.

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Rebecca Draysey