13 Mar, 2014

State Election Update

Council seeks clarification from Political Parties

To facilitate constructive discussion with political parties and independent candidates in the lead up to the State Election a policy Discussion Paper has been prepared.

The Paper outlines Council’s key concerns on a range of issues such as planning, heritage, the Park Lands, Riverbank development, affordable housing, residential population growth, City safety, City vibrancy, environmental sustainability, economic development and waste management.

The document can be found here.

From this Discussion Paper the Lord Mayor, on behalf of the Council, has written to all major political parties and key independents in the lead up to the March State Election.

This discussion will allow a frank exchange between Council and the various political parties, leading to a clear understanding of each other’s policy positions.

It is hoped that this will improve the ability to work together to achieve the vision for Adelaide of One City, Many Places.

For more information:

Clare Mockler : [email protected]

Stuart Boyd: [email protected]