19 Jun, 2019

State Budget - Lord Mayor Welcomes Investments but Questions Lack of Progress on Key Issues

Announcements that would benefit the City of Adelaide included:

  • $550 million for the commencement of work on constructing the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Confirmation of investments at Lot Fourteen including $150 million for the Aboriginal Art and Cultures Gallery and $60 million for the International Centre for Food, Hospitality and Tourism Studies
  • A $2.7 million upgrade for Adelaide Railway Station
  • A $10 million upgrade of the Memorial Drive precinct to be delivered this year, and
  • $3.8 million over three years to attract Adelaide Festival major performances.

The Lord Mayor said the City of Adelaide was committed to seeing Lot Fourteen flourish as this would significantly benefit the surrounding East End.

“Progress being made on the Aboriginal Art and Cultures Gallery, and Food, Hospitality and Tourism Studies Centre is all good news for our city,” said the Lord Mayor.

“On the back of the recently announced City Deal, there will be a huge amount of activity and jobs that will flow in the coming months and years – particularly as the National Space Agency and related industries ramp up activities at the site.

“Having more people working and studying at the site is a shot in the arm for the East End and we’re pleased to have partnered with the State and federal Government on the City Deal.

“A $2.7 million upgrade for Adelaide Railway Station to upgrade its exterior heritage façade is very welcome news for a Council that greatly values the city’s heritage.

“I welcome funding initiatives already announced by the State Government including for the city skate park and inclusive playspace to honour the memory of Quentin Kenihan.

“The South Australian Film Corporation receiving an additional $6 million to help finance local and international screen productions and an extra $1.25 million for the prestigious Adelaide Festival over the coming three years are also great news.”

While praising the budget initiatives that benefit the City of Adelaide, the Lord Mayor has called on the Government to commit to further expansion of the AdeLINK tram network.

“Council will continue to push for funding for an expanded and integrated tram network across Adelaide and I’ll continue to raise this with the Minister for Transport,” said the Lord Mayor.

“The City of Adelaide will also be seeking assurances from the State Government for its continued co-funding of the popular Sustainability Incentives Scheme which is a cornerstone to achieving our shared goal of carbon neutrality by 2025.”

The Lord Mayor said other issues that had not been addressed, included:

  • Upgrading of Grenfell Street - The Grenfell/Currie Street corridor is the city’s main transport interchange for bus travel. Usage has evolved beyond the purposes for which it was originally designed, and as a result the road surface is deteriorating due to heavy public transport and other traffic use.
  • Reinstatement of funding to operate three managed taxi ranks across the City to increase safety for all users at night.

“Council is very concerned at today’s announcement of an increase in the Solid Waste Levy from $100 per tonne to $110 tonne on 1 July 2019 and to $140 per tonne on 1 January 2020.

“These waste levies are a state government tax that we are forced to collect from ratepayers and have increased alarmingly in recent years.

“Council is also concerned about the potential impact of increased licence fees for the City’s pubs, clubs and bars.

“While overall, this is a budget that will help promote employment and economic growth in the City of Adelaide, Council will continue to advocate for our community on initiatives which haven’t been funded,” the Lord Mayor concluded.

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Matt Halliwell