12 Nov, 2014

Splash Adelaide wins Planning Excellence Award for 2014

In recognition of its spirit of co-creation and a ‘quicker, lighter, cheaper’ approach, City of Adelaide’s Splash Adelaide has won an award for the program’s contribution to urban and regional planning in South Australia.

The Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) awarded the popular community-led project the President’s Award for Planning Excellence at its recent awards night.

City of Adelaide CEO Peter Smith said that the continuing success of Splash Adelaide was due to the increasing involvement and enthusiasm of the community.

“Whilst it was nice for Council to receive the award, we have really accepted it on behalf of the many community members and local businesses who contributed to making the program a success,” said Peter.

“The Splash Adelaide concept gives us the opportunity to collaborate with the community and local businesses to try out new ideas.

“This year’s Splash Adelaide funding is lower as we’re working toward a co-contribution model that allows and encourages active involvement from the community and local businesses in the City.

“Splash is about creating a city that enables entrepreneurs, creative endeavours, local businesses and talent to thrive, and encouraging partnerships that allow and support growth in the city.

“So as well as thanking the Splash team for their efforts, it’s also the Splash entrepreneurs - the people who are submitting their ideas and getting out there and trying out new initiatives to enliven the city - that we need to thank and recognise for this award,” Peter said.

The PIA Awards for Planning are highly regarded industry awards that provide a platform for planners and their teams within the profession to showcase their work and promote planning to the broader community.

This prestigious award is judged each year by the PIA (SA) President and the award is based on the merits of a significant project, process, system, or person which makes an outstanding contribution to planning.