03 Oct, 2019

Splash Adelaide is Open for Ideas

The City of Adelaide is filled with creative people with great ideas and the popular Splash Adelaide is once again giving them an opportunity to see these projects come to life.

The Splash Adelaide program for 2019/2020 is now open and the community is invited to share their ideas for the city online and at the new Splash Adelaide Ideas Hub which will start its tour around the city at 88 O’Connell from this Thursday.

Splash Adelaide throws away the rule book to trial and test ideas, foster innovation and entrepreneurism, streamline processes, and remove barriers to enable the community to deliver projects in the city. It is a program that aims to champion creative responses to the challenges and opportunities our city is facing.

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor said that she was looking forward to seeing what exciting ideas are put forward.

“Splash Adelaide is about collaborating with the community to trial new ideas that bring creativity and activity to our city streets and under-utilised areas. It’s about being flexible and fearless, supporting innovation and partnerships and enabling community-led ideas and projects to flourish.

“There have been some wonderful success stories that have come out of Splash Adelaide. The East End Unleashed concept was first trialled as a Splash Adelaide project, supporting local businesses to leverage off and benefit from all the Mad March festivities.

“Splash also worked to reduce red tape and relax regulations for outdoor dining, resulting in an increase in outdoor dining seen in our city streets today.

“Splash Adelaide has given the community a sense of ownership and pride in the city, resulting in an engaged community, inspired to deliver their ideas and projects.

“I strongly urge anyone with an idea that they think could contribute creativity, activity, or just fun to the city to come and chat to our team at the Splash Adelaide Ideas Hub and submit their ideas.”

Splash Adelaide connects people and supports the community to bring their ideas to life, with support ranging from marketing assistance and furniture hire through to road closures, parking controls, permit approvals, permission to use spaces and much more.

Other projects that started with the Splash Adelaide program and have gone on to grow bigger and better include the Waymouth Street Party, Zombie Walk, Ebenezer Night Markets, Feast on Foot, Eco Caddy Bike Tours and Boucle de Burbs, among others.

The community can share their ideas for the city either online at splashadelaide.com.au or by visiting the Splash Adelaide Ideas Hub to chat to the Splash team. Details of when the Splash Adelaide Ideas Hub will be staffed will be available on the website.

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Paula Stevens