20 Apr, 2017

Solar Savers Adelaide partners with South Australian company

South Australian company Cool or Cosy has been selected as the solar PV energy system supplier for the City of Adelaide’s Solar Savers initiative.

Solar Savers Adelaide is tailored to residential rental properties and low income households within the City of Adelaide.

Solar Savers Adelaide will help bridge the gap for tenants and low income households where, traditionally, solar has been difficult to access. Council will buy and install the solar PV system, and the property owner will pay off the system through a Solar Savers Adelaide separate rate charged to their quarterly rates notices. Out of 279 households that originally registered their interest in 2016, 50 have met the eligibility criteria for participation in stage one.

City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese said that he was pleased to see a leading South Australian supplier of solar systems selected.

“Cool or Cosy has been operating in South Australia since 1984. The Cool or Cosy installation crews are fully licensed and endorsed by the Clean Energy Council.

“South Australia is experiencing an increase in the frequency, intensity and duration of heat waves. As energy prices continue to rise, vulnerable and low income members of the community are often forced to consider whether they are able to afford the energy costs associated with air conditioning.

“Solar Savers Adelaide links with our ambition to be one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities, while also providing our community with a solution to rising energy costs and supporting employment in South Australia’s low carbon economy.”

Cool or Cosy recently bought Tindo Solar, a wholly Australian owned and operated company founded in 2011 that designs and manufactures technologically advanced solar panels for Australian conditions.

The selection of South Australian manufactured Tindo solar PV panels will result in Solar Savers Adelaide supporting local employment in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Glenn Morelli, Managing Director of Cool or Cosy believes that being selected above all other solar providers in South Australia is testament to their focus on high quality and professional customer service.

“We are delighted to be the exclusive supplier and installer of quality Solar PV systems for the Solar Savers Adelaide Program. We really appreciate the opportunity to be involved in such a pioneering program for South Australia.

“Our recent acquisition of the Tindo Solar Group and its solar panel manufacturing facility at Mawson Lakes proves our commitment to the solar industry in South Australia. The Tindo panels are a great choice for the program as they are designed specifically for Australian conditions and support local jobs.”

For more information, please visit www.yoursay.cityofadelaide.com.au/solarsavers

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