11 Apr, 2018

Smart Cities Summit Gets Underway

The Lord Mayor will today host a Smart Cities Summit with the goal of bringing together Local Governments in South Australia to showcase Smart City initiatives and to discuss future plans in the Smart Cities space.

The summit is a partnership between the Local Government Association of SA and City of Adelaide, with Minister for Industry and Skills David Pisoni, Association President Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg and a range of experts addressing guests.

Minister for Local Government Stephan Knoll will speak at a reception following the summit, and the Lord Mayor thanked the new State Government for supporting the summit and the local government sector more broadly.

The Lord Mayor said the City of Adelaide was utilising the opportunity to showcase some of its great initiatives such as Ten Gigabit Adelaide, e-planning and 3D city model, with the aim of fostering strong and ongoing partnerships across the sector.

“The City of Adelaide is focussed on building strong and effective partnerships across the three levels of government, as well as with our business and residential communities,” said the Lord Mayor.

“Strong partnerships are vital to delivering community value through driving innovation, supporting our entrepreneurs, improving customer service, reducing costs and refining productivity.

“Today’s summit is an important step in learning more about how technology can help us to achieve these outcomes.

“This Council has consistently taken a leadership role in hosting these types of outcome-focused events including the Light Rail, Local Heritage and Jobs Summits.”

Mayor Rosenberg said she was excited for the sector to hone in on exactly what the ‘smart’ future entails for South Australia and that it was important to bring all the key players together to do so.

“Local government is full of talented, innovative and hardworking people who have an extensive breadth of knowledge to be shared across the sector,” said Mayor Rosenberg.

“Today’s speakers will present compelling information on how councils can benefit from utilising smart technology to create better economies, stronger and more resilient communities, and valuable partnerships.”

Today’s invitation-only summit begins at 2:00pm in Adelaide Town Hall.

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Matt Halliwell