11 Oct, 2017

SIMEC ZEN Energy flicks switch on battery powered Art Gallery

Joint Media Release

The Art Gallery of South Australia is now being powered with the help of large-scale smart energy storage from South Australian company SIMEC ZEN Energy.

The Art Gallery has been fitted with the smart storage technology through a joint State Government-City of Adelaide initiative that will also see the technology installed on the State Library and Adelaide High School.

The batteries provide a total of 64kWh of energy storage to the Art Gallery, which can be charged from the grid to manage demand.

SIMEC ZEN Energy has also installed smart energy storage on the City of Adelaide’s Mile End Works Depot, through a separate contractual arrangement.

The battery systems, which are a demonstration of how the technology can help businesses save energy costs, will soon be able to be monitored online at storagedemo.zenenergy.com.au.


The energy storage systems were designed and built at SIMEC ZEN Energy’s Innovation Centre at Tonsley, after the company won a $1 million State Government tender to deliver the project.

As part of the project, SIMEC ZEN Energy has partnered with leading Australian energy-tech company GreenSync to include smart automation technology that will maximise the economic benefits of the systems across all sites.

South Australia’s government-owned and leased buildings contribute more than 15 per cent of overall greenhouse gas emissions from buildings within the City of Adelaide area.

SIMEC ZEN Energy is the new name for ZEN Energy after a majority stake was purchased in the South Australian company by GFG Alliance, the purchaser of the Whyalla steelworks and mine. SIMEC ZEN Energy will work to improve energy security and reduce the cost of power for businesses across South Australia and Australia.

SIMEC ZEN Energy has also applied for a Future Jobs Fund grant to help them expand their operations and create 55 new jobs in renewables.

Quotes attributable to Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis

By fitting these locally-manufactured energy storage systems to some of our most iconic buildings we can demonstrate the incredible opportunities that exist in this sector.

These batteries are a glimpse into the future. More and more businesses will be using these types of systems to flatten out their demand and lower power bills.

South Australia has now cemented its position as a world leader in renewable energy and storage, following the recent announcement of Tesla’s grid-scale battery at Jamestown and SolarReserve’s solar thermal plant at Port Augusta.

ZEN Energy is a fantastic local success story, having recently partnered with GFG Alliance to launch a new joint venture, SIMEC ZEN Energy, to help large industrial customers in South Australia use clean renewable energy to meet their demands.

Storage of renewables is the future and as a Government we want to help create jobs for South Australians in this growing industry.

Quotes attributable to ZEN Energy Founder and SIMEC ZEN Energy Director of Innovation Richard Turner

SIMEC ZEN Energy is immensely proud to deliver these world-leading smart energy storage systems for the South Australian Government and the Adelaide City Council.

Smart energy storage opens a whole new range of opportunities for commercial businesses to reduce energy costs, take a firm ‘energy position’ for the longer term, and improve their market competitiveness.

With over 10 years experience helping businesses realise their renewable energy potential, SIMEC ZEN Energy is at the forefront of these technologies.

We have a full technology pathway from commercial solar and storage through to demand management and a balance of power supply capability for large industrial customers, and welcome the chance to demonstrate this pathway with early adopters like the State Government and Adelaide City Council.

Quotes attributable to Lord Mayor Martin Haese

The City of Adelaide is proud to support the installation of battery storage on iconic buildings, such as the Art Gallery.

This complements the support we provide to city residents and businesses to install solar PV, battery storage, low energy lighting and other energy efficient measures through our Sustainability Incentive Scheme (SIS).

These projects help to lower household and business costs, making the City of Adelaide more liveable, as well as attracting investment and supporting business growth.

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