23 Jun, 2014

Rugby lights up Victoria Park’s Premium Field

Rugby League and other sports will now be able to stage games into the evening when the new lights at Victoria Park’s premium playing field are flicked on for Oztag tonight, followed by SAPSASA Rugby League Trials from Wednesday.

The lighting has been made possible through a combination of grants and funding from the State Government, SA Rugby League and City of Adelaide.

Part of the Victoria Park Master Plan, the new lighting will mean the premium playing field can be used day and night and will provide much greater flexibility and access to community organisations including SA Rugby League.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood said the addition of lighting on the premium playing field is the next step forward in the City of Adelaide’s Master Plan for Victoria Park.

“Our beautiful Park Lands are for all people, and the new lighting at Victoria Park’s premium playing field adds another reason for people to get out and enjoy the space,” said Stephen.

“It’s great to be able to work with community sporting clubs on the project and this is an example of where that work has paid off far beyond the initial proposal.”

“Up until now it has been a space primarily for Rugby League, Rugby Union and Gridiron SA, but we’re expecting to see other sporting organisations use the space, which we are really looking forward to,” he said.

SA Rugby League initiated negotiations, which included winning grants of $50,000 from both the City of Adelaide and the Office for Recreation and Sport and agreeing to contribute $10,000 of its own. City of Adelaide provided an additional $40,000 to complete the project which cost $160,000 in total.

SA Rugby League has been offered a three year Agreement for use of the Premium Field.

Ken Kennedy, General Manager of SA Rugby League is pleased with the outcome and looking forward to using the field under lights three to four nights each week.

“We are really looking forward to playing under lights and to working with the Council to make the most of the space, not just for us, but for other sporting groups too,” said Ken.

Council administration is also having conversations with other potential users of the space.

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