09 Sep, 2016

Royal Show Parking - Further Update

City of Adelaide has reassessed parking in the Park Lands for the Royal Adelaide Show, and has reopened Wikaparntu Wirra (Park 22) for car parking. Parking will not be available in Mirnu Wirra (Park 21) but is available in Wirrarninthi (Park 23).

Alternatively, parking is available in Council’s city UParks which are all close to bus and tram routes heading to the Show.

Council has done everything possible to provide car parking but the safety of the general public must come first.

Information on parking will be updated daily on the UPark website www.upark.com.au or check the City of Adelaide Facebook and Twitter.

Parking will cost a flat rate of $12 per vehicle.

For public transport information please visit http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au.

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Paula Stevens