13 Jun, 2014

Registrations of Interest Open for Fringe in Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga

City of Adelaide is seeking proposals for the use of Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga during next year’s Fringe.

To provide the opportunity for a variety of organisations to apply, a registration of interest process is open from now until Friday 27 June 2014. This will allow the successful applicant time to register as a Fringe event or Fringe venue prior to the artist registration period in August.

Acting Lord Mayor Natasha Malani said Council is encouraging anyone with an idea to submit an application.

“The redeveloped Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga is the community heart of the city, and this year’s Royal Croquet Club Fringe venue proved to be enormously popular, reflective of the possibilities for the Square during next year’s Fringe.

“Opening up a registration of interest process means that everyone has a chance to put forward an idea for the Fringe in the Square in 2015.”

Event proposals will be reviewed and assessed against criteria such as whether the event fits with the Square’s identity, its cultural or historical significance, suitability of the event to the time of year and the site, how it works with other venues in the city and opening hours.

A set of guidelines for event organisers has been put in place to ensure the Square is visually attractive, well maintained, safe and accessible for the whole community.

Councillor Megan Hender said it was important that the Square remained a lively, people-focussed place.

“The guidelines cover issues such as public access to the Square, road closures and pedestrian traffic, the style and height of fencing, turf, tree and garden bed maintenance which will all support event organisers when designing their events.

“We need to ensure Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga is a lively, people-focused place in the heart of our city for the whole community to enjoy, both day and night, whether there are large-scale, community/multicultural events, or programmed activities and passive use.

“Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga should always be an inviting space that celebrates and showcases innovative, new and different events and activities. We look forward to seeing what proposals we receive.”

To read the guidelines and submit an application, go to www.victoriasquareadelaide.com.au from 11 June 2014.

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Paula Stevens