15 Aug, 2016

Recent Salmonellosis Incident at City Hotel

On 31 July 2016, an isolated and localised incident of salmonellosis occurred at a city hotel.

Through its ongoing joint investigation, City of Adelaide and SA Health have identified the likely cause of the salmonellosis as cross contamination or inadequate cooking of raw eggs.

The total number of confirmed cases to date is 71, with 21 people hospitalised.

Environmental Health Officers are continuing to work with the hotel to review their processes, practices and equipment involved.

Quotes attributable to City of Adelaide Acting Director Community, Sean McNamara

Food safety is a high priority for City of Adelaide. We remain committed to ensuring food businesses within the city comply with the Food Act 2001, Food Regulations 2002 and Food Safety Standards at all times.

The inspections regime that Council has in place to monitor standards across the city and North Adelaide is designed in a way that works alongside business to see them operating in the best interests of their customers’ safety and wellbeing.

Council also provides food safety advice and guidance to prospective, new and existing business owners and works with SA Health to educate the wider community about food safety.

Quotes attributable to SA Health Chief Medical Officer Professor Paddy Phillips

This is another reminder for anyone handling food to be aware of the potential risks associated with handling raw eggs.

Bacteria such as Salmonella can be found on the shell of eggs and while they may not necessarily look or smell bad, they can be contaminated.

Washing eggs will not remove bacteria so cracked or dirty eggs should be thrown out.

Good food safety practices are essential in any kitchen to prevent contamination.

For more information on egg safety, visit www.sahealth.sa.gov.au

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