06 Jul, 2016

Positive progress for North Adelaide Large Institutions and Colleges DPA

City of Adelaide has lodged the North Adelaide Large Institutions and Colleges DPA after extensive community consultation.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese met with the Minister for Planning, John Rau on Monday to progress discussions around Council’s lodgement of the North Adelaide Large Institutions and Colleges Development Plan Amendment (DPA).

“This is an important milestone as Council has listened closely to the community and put forward amendments which we believe strike an appropriate balance between encouraging growth in the health and education sectors in North Adelaide while respecting the heritage value and amenity of the area,” said Martin.

“The recommendations put forward by Council recognise the important contribution of the long established health and education sectors in North Adelaide, while acknowledging the needs of residents and building owners in the area.

“Colleges and institutions provide vital services including aged care, student accommodation, education and health services. Under the revised DPA, the institutions can plan with greater confidence to meet the contemporary demands of their sectors and provide services to the community,” he said.

The North Adelaide Large Institutions and Colleges DPA provides for the health and education sectors to continue in North Adelaide while ensuring new developments complement the area’s culturally rich heritage.

Council CEO Mark Goldstone said Council is keen to work with property owners and the Minister to explore the opportunity for a small number of buildings to be added to the local heritage list.

“Ensuring we get the right mix is vital as we want to be assured that the heritage value of a number of these sites is maintained, while enabling new developments within those sites that are sympathetic to the character of the existing buildings,” said Mark.

“We have requested a number of matters in this DPA that will ensure that the residential amenity and heritage character of North Adelaide is maintained. These include regulations around non-complying height limits, plot ratio and the ability for adjoining property owners to provide comment.

“In 2015, City of Adelaide conducted community consultation and received more than 90 submissions from a variety of sources within the community including owners of the colleges and institutions, nearby residents, community groups and government agencies.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Planning Minister to achieve the right balance for North Adelaide,” he said.

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