02 Feb, 2016

Playspace Soil Testing Interim Results

As a consequence of a recent soil assessment in Park 15, City of Adelaide has undertaken soil testing at all other public play spaces in the Park Lands (with the exception of those that have been recently tested).

While Council is yet to receive the final report from its consultants, interim assessment findings indicate that there has been no identified health risk issues of concern related to former and current uses of play spaces located in:

  • Pardippardinyalla, Bushy Magic Playspace (Park 2)
  • Nantu Wama, Glover Playspace, Le Fevre Terrace (Park 6)
  • Warnpangga, Lower North Adelaide Playspace (Park 10)
  • Murlawirrapurka, Rymill Park Playspace (Park 14)
  • Pityarilla, Marshmallow Playspace (Park 19)
  • Kurangga, Glover Playspace, South Terrace (Park 20)
  • Wirraninthi, Glover Playspace, South Terrace (Park 23)
  • Tulya Wardi, Bonython Park Playspace adjacent the Boat Pond (Park 27) for recreational purposes.

Three of the eight play spaces had results which were considered below the conservative generic soil screening criteria for open space recreational use.

In a letter received by Council, the consultants concluded that “it is considered that the potential risks to young children, adults and site workers from the concentrations of chemical substances reported in the soils as sampled at the eight play spaces are likely to be low and acceptable (and) ... there would appear to be no current reason to close any of the five play spaces (6, 10, 20, 23 and 27) on the basis of potential risk of harm to human health resulting from the presence of chemical substances reported above conservative generic soil screening criteria for open space recreational use.”

A copy of the letter and interim assessment findings can be viewed here.

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