27 Jul, 2018

No Parking in Victoria Park for Pedal Prix this Weekend

Due to recent rainfall, the condition of the Park has deteriorated and unfortunately, no parking will be available in Victoria Park on either Saturday 28 or Sunday 29 July.

Council’s Associate Director of Public Realm, Peter Patterson said community safety was Council’s highest priority.

“The rain we’ve experienced during the past few days has made the grass extremely soft and muddy, and expected rainfall over the coming days means there’s a risk that vehicles could become bogged,” Peter said.

“Even if the weather was to clear up by the weekend, the ground will not have recovered sufficiently.”

Mr Patterson said Pedal Prix organisers had been informed of the need to cancel parking in Victoria Park due to the weather conditions.

He said there was a significant amount of unrestricted parking available in the vicinity of Victoria Park with parking restrictions in the streets managed by Council remaining unchanged.

Unrestricted parking is available on Wakefield Road and on East Terrace between Gilles Street and South Terrace.

A mixture of four-hour and unrestricted parking is also available on Beaumont Road, off South Terrace.

Pirie/Flinders UPark provides a flat fee of $8 on Sundays, and is approximately one kilometre’s walk from Victoria Park.

For location details go to upark.com.au

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Simon Latimer