02 Mar, 2014

New committee to steer future Park Lands strategy

State and local government representatives will be approached to assist with the vision for the Park Lands, thanks to a new committee the Adelaide Park Lands Authority have voted to establish.

APLA recently endorsed a proposal to establish the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy Project Advisory Group to assist with the next strategy, guiding the Park Lands towards 2020.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood, who is also the Presiding Member of APLA, said the committee will be comprised of nominees from councils adjoining the Park Lands, the State Government and APLA.

He said APLA is in the process of contacting inner-rim councils and relevant State Government agencies, inviting nominations to the new advisory group.

“It is hoped by formally partnering with our local and State Government counterparts, the new committee can act as a roundtable to work with the community and help shape the future strategy,” Stephen said.

“We’ve listened to neighbouring councils and the State Government, who have recently expressed a growing interest in becoming more actively involved in planning for the future of the Park Lands.

“Although the first priority of the committee will be to assist in the development of the new Park Lands strategy, we hope the group will also have an ongoing role as a catalyst for collaboration around the implementation of the strategy, as well as the general planning, management and funding for the Park Lands.”

Formal engagement and public consultation on the strategy is anticipated to commence later this year, with further information to be made available on how the community can have their say.

“It is important that all South Australians have the opportunity of have their say on the future of the Park Lands,” Stephen said.

“Recent research has confirmed there were almost nine million visits to the Park Lands in 2012/13 - for a wide variety of purposes - including playing sport, attending events and for other informal recreation uses such as picnics, playgrounds, cycling and walking.

“To put this figure in context, it is equivalent to each person living in South Australia (1.67 million) visiting the Park Lands around five times a year.”

The Adelaide Park Lands Visitation Research Report is being prepared and will be publically available once completed. It will provide an important evidence base to help inform the development of the new Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy.

For more information about the Park Lands, visit www.adelaideparklands.com.au

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