22 Sep, 2015

New Cities Minister A Win For Adelaide

The Prime Minister’s appointment of Jamie Briggs as Minister for Cities and the Built Environment is great news for residents, businesses and all who visit the City of Adelaide.

The appointment sends a message that cities matter and that the Prime Minister and Federal Government want to further invest in our city.

Lord Mayor and Chair of Council of Capital City Lord Mayors, Martin Haese, welcomed the appointment – a first in federal politics – and is particularly excited that a South Australian MP was given the new role.

“This is a very exciting appointment and I look forward to working with Jamie Briggs to make the City of Adelaide an even better place to live,” said Martin.

“We mustn’t forget that it’s our cities where people live and are employed, with 60 per cent of Australia’s population living in the capital cities.

“The City of Adelaide is also South Australia’s hub of culture, education and innovation.

“The city is truly the engine room of South Australia, where the contribution to the state’s economy is greatest, and cities also drive the national economy – generating the majority of Australia’s GDP.

“It’s no secret that we face challenges and opportunities such as managing population growth and growing demands for transport and other infrastructure within the city.

“I’m confident that a dedicated Cities Minister, especially one who is a local with a strong understanding of Adelaide, can help us work through these.

“And we face these challenges whilst proudly continuing to provide a sustainable environment to maintain a productive and liveable City of Adelaide.

“I’m also pleased about public comments from the Prime Minister on Commonwealth funding of public transport. Public transport is vital to future economic and environmental sustainability of cities like Adelaide.

“I look forward to meeting with Jamie Briggs to discuss how we can work together to ensure that the City of Adelaide continues to grow and thrive.”

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Matt Halliwell