14 Feb, 2018

New artwork dedicated to love

Cupid will be firing his arrow along the banks of the River Torrens this Valentine’s Day as the City of Adelaide reveals its new artwork dedicated to lovers.

The Riverbank Love Knot is formed from two intertwined overhand knots, and is representative of a symbol of binding love.

Couples who want to express their love for each other can place their ‘love lock’ on to the structure as a permanent reminder of their relationship.

City of Adelaide Councillor Alex Antic instigated the Riverbank Love Knot art work as a way of preserving the historic University Footbridge and allowing the people of Adelaide a place to symbolically lock their love at the same time.

“The Riverbank Love Knot is a new piece of art along the River Torrens, a picturesque destination where couples can often be seen enjoying picnics and each other’s company.

“It will provide a place where couples can secure their locks and know that they will remain there without causing any damage to the city’s infrastructure. This way, people can admire them for years to come.

“The City of Adelaide wants people to come and secure their locks on the new Riverbank Love Knot near the University Footbridge on the River Torrens.”

Love locks are believed to be an ancient tradition originating in China where lovers lock a padlock to a fence, bridge or pole and throw away the key to symbolise their everlasting love. Love locks first started appearing in Europe in the early 2000s*.

The Riverbank Love Knot art piece was designed by Felicity Sando, Anthony Coupe and Ella Xie from Mulloway Architects and built by Jeff Fulford from Iguana Creative.

It is made from stainless steel and moulded into the form of knots, symbolising intertwining and ongoing love. It sits just north of the University Footbridge in Park 12, adjacent to the River Torrens.

The locks that are currently on the University Footbridge will be removed and placed on to the Riverbank Love Knot art work over the next month.

* Source: lovelocksonline.com/history/

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Paula Stevens