31 Jan, 2018

Netball returns to the south west park lands

Thousands of netballers can now enjoy high-quality facilities following the completion of extensive works on Josie Agius Park / Wikaparntu Wirra (Park 22) netball courts.

Josie Agius Park / Wikaparntu Wirra (Park 22) is home to 20 community netball courts in the South West Park Lands and received a $3.2 million Planning and Development Fund grant to revitalise the precinct.

The upgrade includes replacement of the existing courts, four additional courts, new court lighting, a new lawn area and walking trails that connect to the surrounding Park Lands.


Netball is the most popular women’s sport in South Australia and the nation. This upgrade will help to increase women’s participation in sport at both amateur and elite level.

The State Government has committed over $20 million from the Planning and Development Fund towards projects which support the vision of the Park Lands as attractive, diverse, resilient and alive with activity.

Used by 200,000 people each year for school and amateur club competitions, the court redevelopment was funded by the State Government and managed by the City of Adelaide.

The construction of the new facility involved the recycling of the old court surface and light towers and contractors used local materials and suppliers wherever possible.

Quotes attributable to Planning Minister John Rau

Thousands of South Australian women can look forward to playing on the new Park 22 netball courts this season.

This upgrade was long overdue and I’m delighted the State Government and City of Adelaide have worked together to deliver a high-quality facility.

Quotes attributable to Lord Mayor Martin Haese

It’s a happy new year for netball as we launch these new courts today and I again thank the State Government for its continued investment in our Park Lands.

The netball courts in the South West Park Lands are one of the best-utilised sporting facilities in the City of Adelaide and it is pleasing to see them back in action at both day and night.

Quotes attributable to Minister Assisting the Minister for Recreation and Sport Katrine Hildyard

Netball is a much loved Australian sport, giving so many girls and women an opportunity to play as part of a team and stay fit and active.

Park 22 is utilised by about 200,000 players each year and this upgrade will ensure they have appropriate playing surfaces and other facilities.

The State Government is committed to increasing women and girl’s participation in sport and this includes providing quality sporting facilities.

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Matt Halliwell