19 May, 2017

More Free Motorcycle and Scooter Parking

Since early 2016, riders have been able to leave their motorcycles and scooters in designated sections of Victoria Square, Light Square, Hindmarsh Square, Grote Street and Wakefield Street without any time limits.

Riders can now enjoy the convenience of free footpath parking at three more locations, bringing the total to eight locations accommodating 140 motorcycles and scooters.

City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese said legal footpath parking in the city had been a great success that continues to go from strength to strength.

“This initiative will go a long way towards helping to reduce congestion on city streets and give people yet another reason to visit our city,” said Martin.

Councillor David Slama who brought the idea to Council said it’s all about making it as easy as possible for people to visit the city and demonstrates Council is taking action to improve options for all road users.

“It was clear to see the initial sites in Victoria Square and Light Square were well utilised from the start, particularly Victoria Square which has seen in excess of 50 motorcycles parked there on most days. So it stands to reason that we make more free parking available,” said David.

Ensuring safe pedestrian access, especially for people with disabilities, remains a priority, as well as ensuring there is no impact to adjacent businesses. Specific areas have been chosen to ensure dining is not impeded and that pedestrian access is not impacted. Council continues to work closely with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, as parking on footpaths is non-standard in South Australia.

Signage is utilised to indicate exactly where parking is permitted. Riding on the footpath is not permitted and Council’s Parking and Information Officers regularly monitor the areas to assist riders and ensure they are able to park safely.

Ebi Lux of the Motorcycle Riders Association commended the City of Adelaide on the initiative.

“We’re delighted to see more of this free parking for people who ride motorcycles in the city. We’ve seen footpath parking work well in other cities such as Melbourne and our members are really excited to see the City of Adelaide roll the initiative out here,” said Ebi.

View all of the locations and find out more here.

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