04 Jan, 2016

Mobile Food Vending For 2016 Announced

City of Adelaide’s new Mobile Food Vending Guidelines come into effect this week and one of the really exciting elements of the revised guidelines is the new permit categories specifically for entrepreneurs and fixed food businesses.

Seven brand new mobile food operators have seized the opportunity and will hit the streets in 2016. They are amongst the 24 permits City of Adelaide has issued so far.

Among the new comers are two established fixed food business operators: A Perfect Cup and Street ADL, both with innovative food and beverage offerings which will extend and enhance their existing fixed food business presence.

In addition, five new entrepreneurs will join the suite of mobile food vendors: Daisy Burger, Madame Spice Fine food & Catering, Rolling Lemo, Saint Espresso, and Signor Arrosticini each with their own unique take on street food.

Established favourites like Veggie Velo and Delectaballs, both of whom have grown from their original mobile vending businesses to include fixed food or retail supply offerings, will continue serving Adelaide in their own unique styles.

Based on meeting selection criteria which includes providing a unique food or beverage experience, the 24 permit holders will trade in accordance with the revised Mobile Food Vending Guidelines.

Acting Lord Mayor Houssam Abiad said he was pleased with the outcome of the revised Mobile Food Vending Guidelines which provide opportunities for new and existing mobile food vendors, including five permits reserved for fixed food businesses to trial their own version of mobile food vending.

“I’m confident we have settled on a sensible balance that supports both fixed food and mobile food businesses, while encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit Adelaide is so well known for, in a way that is affordable and easy to navigate,” said Houssam.

“Our mobile food vending program has produced many successes such as Veggie Velo, which now has a fixed food business to complement its mobile business, Delectaballs whose produce is now available through major retails, and let’s not forget Burger Theory who led the way with the incorporation of bricks and mortar in Adelaide and recently their new store in Melbourne.

“These three examples show how mobile food vendors, with vision, imagination and courage can incorporate and transition fixed food offerings into their stables. I look forward to hearing more of these success stories as the months and years roll on,” he said.

Permits issued for mobile food vending in The City of Adelaide are intended to add vibrancy and variety to city streets and spaces as one of many ways to enhance the city experience for all users.

Three general permits and three specifically for fixed food businesses are still available for allocation.

Download the Adelaide Street Eats app STREET EATS! from the Apple Store or Google Play, to find out which mobile food vendors are trading on any given day.

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