08 Jul, 2015

Media Statement Catenary Lighting and Rundle Mall Pavers

The catenary system will provide high quality street lighting with feature and decorative lighting, adding ambience and atmosphere to Rundle Mall, as well as providing good levels of lighting for safety and visibility.

The electrical infrastructure to support the catenary lighting was installed during the redevelopment.

This infrastructure powers the plug and plays, festive lighting, the fountain, Gawler Place canopy, and will power the catenary lighting and future festive decorative lighting. The catenary lighting was always part of the Rundle Mall masterplan.

The cables from the power boards to the spires are currently being installed. A small number of pavers around the spires have been removed to allow the cables (via small conduits) from the in-ground pits to be connected to the spires.

These works are minor in nature and have progressed well and will be followed with some pavement reinstatement.

These works have eventuated due to early investigation which determined that some buildings, both standard and heritage listed buildings, would be unable to support the catenary lighting brackets.

The introduction of the spires later in the design now allows us to connect the power to the catenary net via the spires rather than building facades. This is a better long term solution as it is more aesthetically pleasing and it avoids having to affix additional ACC infrastructure on privately owned buildings.

This is an exciting time for the City as the Rundle Mall redevelopment project nears its completion. We have seen more than approximately half a billion dollars in private investment in the Mall since the commencement of the Rundle Mall Masterplan, including new international and local retailers as well as improvements by existing retailers and exciting changes in connecting laneways.

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Paula Stevens