17 Feb, 2016

Lord Mayor Welcomes Call To Expand Tram Network

Lord Mayor Martin Haese has welcomed news that improving Adelaide’s public transport system is a priority in the latest Infrastructure Australia Plan (AIP).

In particular, the expansion of the city’s existing tram network identified by the AIP as a priority, should excite all South Australians, and would unlock the city’s potential.

The Lord Mayor was confident the proposed major expansion of the tram network around the CBD and to the inner suburbs could happen in the short term if agencies work together, and recently called for a light rail summit to highlight improving the city’s public transport system as a key priority.

“The City of Adelaide has huge potential for growth, and a tram extension would help us to realise a vision for an economically agile city that attracts business, residents, tourism and broader investment,” said Martin.

Supporting modern, sustainable and efficient people movement through extension of the light rail network will be a catalyst for urban renewal and growth in the capital. Through the light rail summit, I plan to get all of the key players together to see what can be done.

“As the report clearly states, to sit on our hands and do nothing is costing us dearly, so we need to act now and the Commonwealth Government has a huge role to play.

“I support Minister Mullighan’s statement today that investment in our tram network would revolutionise the city and encourage the population growth towards which we are working.

“There’s a tremendous opportunity for all tiers of government to collaborate and improve our public transport system. “An effective public transport network is also a key part of Adelaide’s goal to become carbon neutral.”

The AIP also refers to how the Commonwealth Government is examining ways it can assist secondary cities to increase population growth. City of Adelaide is focused on increasing the city’s residential population and supporting higher density, mixed use developments that integrate with transport planning.

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