01 Dec, 2015

Local Businesses Charged Up To Help

City of Adelaide and city-based organisations are supporting mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs users to make the most of the city by providing free charging points for mobility devices.

The RECHARGE Scheme™ aims to give users of electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs the confidence to plan a trip to the city and North Adelaide without fear their batteries may run flat.

City of Adelaide was the first South Australian Affiliate Member of the national scheme and works with local businesses and organisations to provide recharge points from their premises and to make users aware they’re available. More local governments are now joining the scheme, expanding its availability.

Lord Mayor, Martin Haese, said the number of mobility devices in the community is increasing but users can be reluctant to make journeys for fear their batteries run flat and they become stranded.

“Providing RECHARGE Points™ can help allay these concerns and allow people to actively participate in the city, and that is great news for users and for the city,” said Martin. “We want potential users of the scheme to be aware that these points exist so they can be confident with planning a trip to the city.”

RAA recently signed on to the scheme, providing a power point at their Hindmarsh Square shopfront.

“It’s great that we can offer this service which will give people peace of mind to plan a trip to the city using their mobility scooter or electric wheelchair without worrying about their batteries,” said RAA Senior Manager Road Safety Charles Mountain.

“We also provide roadside assistance for our members with mobility devices, so if they get a punctured tyre or flat battery, we can help with that too.

“The Recharge Point really just adds to that, and it’s such a simple way to ensure people can remain mobile. We hope to see more businesses get on board in the future.”

Isolde King, who uses a scooter, was pleased to see City of Adelaide be the first council in SA to sign up to the scheme and also encouraged more Councils and businesses to sign up.

“I know it’s appreciated by people like me that use mobility scooters as it allows you to go out and do what you need to without having to worry about your battery. I really want more people to be aware of this great service,” said Ms King.

Further Information

There are currently close to 20 RECHARGE Points™ across the city and North Adelaide, and Council is actively looking to partner with more businesses and organisations to expand the scheme.

How do I find a RECHARGE Point?

To find a RECHARGE Point in the City of Adelaide simply go to cityofadelaide.com.au/recharge or contact Council on 8203 7203 to have a list and map posted to you.

A “Recharge Point” sticker will be displayed next to designated power points and where possible on the entrance windows/door of participating businesses.

RECHARGE Points are also available in other Council areas. A full up-to-date listing of available RECHARGE Points™ across Australia can be viewed at www.rechargescheme.org.au

Why get my business involved in providing a RECHARGE Point?

  • Expand customer base to include not just users of mobility devices, but family and friends too.
  • Build your brand as a community oriented business that welcomes all.
  • Add to your access and inclusion efforts or other ancillary services you may offer such as laptop and mobile phone charging or free Wi-Fi.
  • Free promotion on the RECHARGE Scheme™ and Council websites through the list of recharge point providers.

How does my business or organisation get involved?

  • To become a program partner, businesses and organisations need to provide a new or existing standard power point that will be designated for this use
  • Businesses must have minimum $10 million public liability insurance
  • Sign a simple registration form
  • Meet access and safety requirements
  • To be used as a RECHARGE PointTM the power point needs to be easily accessible by a mobility device from the street and to and from the point without obstruction

Council will provide branded recharge stickers for display on your entry windows or doors as well as next to your RECHARGE Point™.

Your business will also be listed as a RECHARGE Point™ provider on the Council website and map, and on the RECHARGE Scheme™ website.