21 Apr, 2016

Key Players Gather for Light Rail Summit

The Lord Mayor’s Light Rail Summit gets underway in Adelaide Town Hall this morning, with the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Hon Stephen Mullighan MP, set to join representatives from inner-metropolitan Councils and industry to discuss the future potential of light rail in Adelaide.

Speakers include Bridget Smyth from the City of Sydney and Alton Twine from the City of Gold Coast, both of whom will share their recent experiences with light rail expansions in their respective cities.

There will also be presentations from Ernst & Young and AECOM regarding the social and economic impacts of light rail, as well as funding and delivery models.

The day will conclude with an opportunity for the Mayors and CEOs of inner-metropolitan Councils to have an additional session with the Minister and then a private discussion on the role local government may have in the funding, design and delivery of light rail in Adelaide.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the Summit is an important opportunity for local government to discuss light rail opportunities and better identify its role in these city-shaping projects.

“There is strong evidence that light rail has comprehensive social, economic and environmental benefits and I believe it’s important for all levels of government to explore opportunities for its expansion,” said Mr Haese.

“The Summit follows the State Government’s announcement of a $4 million feasibility study for the AdeLINK project – identified as an Infrastructure Australia priority for our state.

“Last week we also had an exciting announcement from the Federal Opposition that, if elected, a Labor Government would co-fund AdeLINK with the State Government.”

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan said the summit was an exciting opportunity to work towards a joint vision of a new tram network around Adelaide.

“This is a landmark event for the future of public transport in South Australia with the State and local governments and stakeholders coming together to work on delivering a tram network across Adelaide,” Mr Mullighan said.

“We know that the AdeLINK tram network will generate millions of dollars in economic benefits to the communities in which these infrastructure investments are delivered.

“Today’s summit will help inform the Government’s $4 million business case which will include planning and design, as well as supporting the case for the Commonwealth Government to contribute funding.”

Lord Mayor Martin Haese and Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan will be available to speak to the media before the summit, at 9am at the Adelaide Town Hall.

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