16 Mar, 2016

How do you like your laneways?

The city’s laneways are changing and City of Adelaide wants the community’s help to map out the endless possibilities for the network between the Adelaide Railway Station and Market District.

Last night, an update on a community engagement process for the Laneways Master Plan was presented to Council’s Economic & Community Development Committee.

Council is beginning work on the Laneways Master Plan to look closely at each street to analyse the future movement, car parking and transport connections, design treatments, street character and greening.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said that as well as informing future planning for this network of streets, it was important to look at design options for Bank Street as the first deliverable project from the master plan.

“We want to know what people want from our laneways and to discuss what the community sees for the future of the network, starting with Bank Street,” said Martin.

“The potential for the street and the laneway network between the Adelaide Railway Station to Market District is huge, and there’s exciting times ahead.

“And it’s our community that will help inform future possible design concepts.”

Toast Cafe owner, Helen Carpentieri, said Bank Street foot traffic has exploded in recent years due to projects like the Adelaide Oval redevelopment and an upgrade is welcomed and long overdue.

“We welcome news that City of Adelaide wants to reinvigorate the street with the help of local traders like us,” said Helen.

“The truth is we’re the ones at the coalface and know what works best in the area, and we’re really excited about getting involved and having our say.”

The Laneways Master Plan is a key project from Council’s recently launched Adelaide Design Manual, a long-term strategy that provides the framework to ensure the City of Adelaide’s public spaces are high-quality, flexible, accessible, sustainable and encourage city life and growth.

You can have your say at yoursay.cityofadelaide.com.au/laneways.

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Matthew Halliwell