30 Jan, 2015

Hindley Street Pavers To Be Resurfaced

UniSA and City of Adelaide will be applying a coating to the Hindley Street West road pavers in early February to increase traction on the road surface.

Over the last month, two different products were trialled in three different test sites on the street to determine which one would best improve traction on the road surface while a longer term solution is investigated.

The Hindley Street project, completed in June last year, was designed to create a pedestrian-friendly, innovative mixed traffic environment in the growing education and health precinct.

Since its completion, issues with a lack of traction on the road surface have resulted in the speed limit being reduced to 10km/h to improve safety for all road users.

UniSA Facilities Director Phil Clatworthy said that the project team was pleased to find an interim solution that could be applied quickly and easily.

“Increasing safety and minimising inconvenience to traders and road users are our priorities. This product will increase traction on the road and can be applied over a few evenings, achieving both those aims.

“We will continue to work with consultants and contractors on the remediation and upgrade of the roadway for the longer term.”

City of Adelaide City Planning and Design General Manager David Chick said that both Council and the University thanked the local traders and road users for their patience during these investigations and testing.

“The extensive research and testing we have done has allowed us to find a solution that improves the safety of the road surface while allowing us time to find a long term fix.

“The design intent of this project was to have new innovative space that would be inviting and welcoming, encouraging people to use and remain in the area. This has been an unexpected problem that is well on its way to being resolved.”

The speed limit will remain at 10km/h initially while the performance of the new surface is monitored. City of Adelaide is urging all drivers to put safety first and observe the speed limits.

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Paula Stevens