21 Sep, 2015

Golf Course Revamp Tees Off

A revamp to the North Adelaide Par 3 On Torrens comes just in time for a series of school holiday clinics for junior golfers.

The kiosk sees a range of refurbishments from fresh paint, new carpet and a new service bench for inside dining and a bigger retail space.

City of Adelaidelor, Priscilla Corbell, said the upgrades were important to allow the Par 3 course to keep up with demand and host additional services for the public.

“We wanted the Par 3 kiosk to represent Council in a professional manner and the upgrades allow us to efficiently staff and service this as a quality, family friendly venue,” said Priscilla.

“We now have the ability to serve light meals, healthy smoothies, fresh salads and provide more seating – all of which attract people to use the golf course and participate in our newly introduced junior clinics.”

The junior golf clinics begin Tuesday 29 September at the North Adelaide Golf Course and provide children with a structured introductory program to golf that includes technical skills and an opportunity for juniors and parents to learn about golf.

The program also includes three levels of golf coaching: rookie, star and master, and a chance for the kids to test out their target practice.

Golf professional and coach of the junior clinics Jamie Clutterham said the clinics are all about learning the game of golf in a fun and simple way.

“We really want to teach the kids to have an appreciation for the game of golf and a chance to try out some new skills,” Jamie said.

“At the same time we like to make it fun, so I dress up as a target and let the kids try to hit me. It’s a great way to teach them how to aim better but, at the same time, they have a good laugh and, thankfully, I have a lot of protective gear on!”

The junior golf program kicks off on Tuesday 29 September at the North Adelaide Golf Course for kids aged 7-17, and runs through the school holidays, bookings are essential.

For more information visit: northadelaidegolf.com.au/coaching

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