25 Jun, 2015

Frome Bikeway Update

On Tuesday evening, City of Adelaide’s Economic and Community Development Committee reviewed the Frome Bikeway Independent Evaluation and voted to investigate options to potentially make changes to the infrastructure.

Without question, the Committee is strongly supportive of the retention of a dedicated separated bikeway but is instead looking at the balance of the infrastructure beyond the bike lane to improve safety and better accommodate vehicles.

The Committee voted to investigate options and costings on how to return Frome Street to four lanes of traffic during peak times, to allow parking in off-peak times and change the layout of traffic islands.

Several Councillors reported that elements of the bikeway have caused concern to ratepayers but Council remains committed to finding a solution to deliver the best result for all users.

The independent evaluation also flagged potential concern for the safety of cyclists, particularly at intersections.

Other recommendations the Committee made are for the Administration to proceed with the planning, design and costing of measures to maximise the benefits of the Frome Bikeway, comprising of:

  • Green surface treatment of the bike lane through signalised intersections;
  • Improved greening and general landscaping in the area;
  • Replacing bike racks at Ifould Street with landscaping; and
  • Developing an awareness campaign for all road users.

These recommendations are all in line with recommendations made by the Independent Evaluation.

It’s also worth noting that what the Committee is seeking is no different than a motion moved in May 2014.

Council remains strongly committed to providing an integrated transport solution for the City that incorporates all modes of travel - cycling, public transport, pedestrians and cars together in a smart way that helps us manage inevitable growth and keeps us moving.

The development of a network of connected bikeways that provide low-stress routes to be enjoyed by people of all levels of cycling ability is part of this integrated transport solution.

Please note that the Committee recommendations still need to go before Council on Tuesday 30 June.

Martin Haese MBA
Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide

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